Who is right Allegri or Dybala? Juventus with Spezia between the Champions League and the Scudetto

Who is right Allegri or Dybala?  Juventus with Spezia between the Champions League and the Scudetto

The words of the Juventus coach on the eve of a match that could shorten the standings, taking advantage of the direct confrontation between Napoli and Milan.

Next, run, pledge. Is it possible? impossible? Does Juventus believe in Scudetto? Does he do that? The party game has been around for a long time. Dybala thinks so, Fun He has positioned himself in the realm of skeptics or realists, perhaps better: for the moment he denies this possibility, but knows in his heart that with 33 points at stake, Juventus can at least play. Juventus coach, at the press conference on the eve of the match with spicesmade the official absence Dybala A potential bench Vlahovic.

Alegre Conference
How much do you worry about La Spezia?

“He won in Naples and at San Siro, on the side of Milan, and that says it all about how difficult it is. Spezia has won four away games and he is a team that plays, and they have players with technical skills. In the end she goes, the more points she has. We must play. With an artistic style and to be aggressive. Tomorrow the stadium will be almost full, there has to be a good batch of fans.”
Will defense be three or four tomorrow? Will Rojani be the owner?
“Three, four… Tomorrow Rugani will be available and he’ll probably play from the start. Bonucci stopped, we have to thank him because he played matches where he wasn’t feeling well, unfortunately he had to stop. Alex Sandro is ahead. Well, I think I have with Villarreal de Chilio will not be called up because of a knee problem he has had for some time, tomorrow he should be stopped, Chiellini is still out, Bernardeschi is 100% but better not to risk him from the start, it would be a gamble.Yesterday Dybala left training prematurely with pain in his muscles, And he still does not feel his free leg, and therefore there will be no tomorrow.
What did you like and what didn’t you like about the last few games?
“The last game in Florence, the team played with confidence, having suffered from some transformations from our side. We could have done better in the attacking phase on a technical level but the team explained it better. With Empoli we could have done better in the defensive phase. . That you understand the team moment, and in what conditions it is, because in the end you have to get the score. Right now we’ve been doing it for a few matches, swapping the good stuff with the less technical stuff from a technical point of view. We’re nearing the end of the tournament, There is no recovery time. Fouls must be reduced, points weigh more. The score must be obtained one way or another. Players cannot substitute others. Fortunately we also have some good players from the U23 team. We are in an excellent condition to play a good game against Spezia. “
Could it be that Vlahovic is resting from the start?
I’m thinking of taking it off the bench. I’ll see and decide tomorrow.”
Do you believe in superstitions about the Scudetto or is Dybala an optimist?
“It’s not a question of superstition or optimism. The club’s thinking is always to fight for the biggest goals, and we agree. Then there are the practical matters, which are points and numbers, otherwise we lose. We are in fifth place, because Atalanta has one less game, and if they win against Torino, In the head-to-head match we are fifth, we have three teams up, then we need at least 84 points to win the Scudetto and we can’t get there, I’m sorry since we are fifth we have to think about fourth and then eighth in the Champions League and then the cup semi-finals Italy, and Juve always point to the limit, even in the Champions League where there are eight or ten teams. They are stronger than us. We are there, and we have to work to get to the top four.”
Can Danilo become a full force?
“He is smart and knows how to play football. In the future he can be a center. He must be an example because he always makes himself available. At this moment of the season, if someone is asked to be a full-back or any goalkeeper, you have to set personal goals. set aside to be accessible to the team.”
Will we see a Morata Kane couple with Spezia?
“If Morata and Kane play, I will decide well, we can play with two points of movement, compared to Vlahovic who gives more reference points. Cuadrado in Florence was decisive, in the past two days I saw him well.”
Can Juventus dispense with Dybala?
“Technically, how do you discuss a player like Paulo? Then there are the contractual aspects that don’t depend on me. He spent eight years at Juventus and I think it’s indisputable.”
Do Arthur and Locatelli have problems coexisting?
“They played a good game but Rabiot put in a good performance with them, which gives more strength.”
What are the causes of all these muscle problems Dybala?
“If we know we will solve it. We are evaluating all the things that have been done with the coaches and doctors to understand the best way to manage it. And to understand what they can rely on.”
How did you see Pogba’s trip in Manchester?
“Talking about Pogba or other things in the transfer market makes no sense. He is a Manchester player and I don’t know what he will do next year, we have a good relationship but at the moment there is no point in talking about the transfer market. We have to think about our goals.”
Are you still unusual in the midfield for the usual three?
“They have to play football when they are young. They have to play… Locatelli was a pleasant surprise for his mental retention in the number of games. He was immediately used to playing to win and he has the characteristics to play. Many years at Juventus. It’s an important match, all three of them.” Fine and rest for three days.”

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