June 5, 2023

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Dear Gasoline, Financial Report: Price inflation at the pump in two cases

Guardia di Finanza detected at least one violation for every two checks carried out at gas stations only in the first five months of this year. Behind the prices in rise of of gasoline and diesel in an already complicated time due to the war in Ukraine, there will also be an attempt to speculate by distributors who advertise a higher price in their cartels than the official price. It is common practice, in fact, not to communicate, as is mandatory, the number actually displayed on the panels for the pump. It is one of the tricks used by distributors, as indicated by the “Yellow Flames” report, which revealed that out of 1,320 checks, 690 were in violation of the law, or 52.3%. Reported violations sun 24 hoursIt is not only a matter of mandatory reporting to the Ministry of Economic Development about the cost at the petrol pump and commitment to quote prices, but also fraud and anti-competitive maneuvers, down to unfair trade practices.

Investigations by the Guardia di Finanza revealed the consumption of 177,000 tons of fuel involved in fraud, while distributors allegedly evaded 230 million in taxes. One of the most emblematic cases was discovered duringprocess “black gold”, carried out by the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Pescara. In this circumstance, a fraudulent system was exposed, in which national and European suppliers sell fuel to independent distributors at a price apparently in line with market values. But on the visible signs of motorists, the price was higher by at least 20 cents per liter.

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