Who is her husband Luigi Calcara?

Who is her husband Luigi Calcara?

Valerio Scano and Luigi Caldara said “yes”. The former Amici singer married Luigi Calcara at the Campidoglio in Rome. The date the couple chose was September 7, a particularly symbolic day for Scano.

Just September 7In fact, it could have been Father’s birthday. The man died in 2020 due to complications due to Covid, and Valerio Scano wanted to remember and honor him by choosing this day as the date of his wedding.

The former Amici singer, now a practicing lawyer, and Luigi Calcara met in 2020 and haven’t left each other’s side since. but Who is Luigi Calcara?? Valerio Scanno’s husband was born in 1990 in Castelvetrano, in the province of Palermo, and is very far from the world of entertainment. Calcara is actually an engineer and works as a professor in the Department of Astronautical Engineering and Electrical and Energy Engineering at La Sapienza University in Rome.

Despite Kalkara’s particular secrecy, there are many wedding photos with Scano published by guests and a former student of the Maria De Filippi School himself on social networks. Just like you can also find photos and videos of Romantic tone Which Luigi Calcara gave to Valerio Scano the night before the wedding.

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