Air strike and new unrest on Friday, September 8. Ita cancels more than 30 flights

Air strike and new unrest on Friday, September 8.  Ita cancels more than 30 flights

Milan – Potential inconvenience for those traveling by plane tomorrow. Cub Trasporti and other grassroots union organizations have called for a 24-hour national strike for the sector linked to airlines and airports which will include ground staff. Airport handling workers at Flytrasport also joined the nationwide strike.

Airlines are responsible for notifying passengers if flights are canceled or rescheduled. On its website it has A list of canceled flights has been provided, more than 30. The company stated that it had activated an exceptional plan to reduce passenger inconvenience, and to rebook the largest possible number of passengers affected by the cancellation of the first available flights. 55% will be able to fly on the same day as the strike.

Delays and cancellations of flights, rights of passengers affected by airline strikes

ETA recommendations

ETA adds in a note: “All passengers who have purchased a ticket for the strike day are invited to check the status of their flight before going to the airport. In the event of a cancellation or change in the time of their flight, they will be able to change their reservation without any penalty or request a refund of the ticket value (only In the event that the flight is canceled or delayed for more than 5 hours) no later than September 13, 2023.”

Reasons for protest

The abstention from work is for a contract renewal expected for six years. The unions oppose proposals related to “insufficient wage increases, increasing working hours without sufficient economic adjustment, and reversing part of the proposed increases in favor of private social security and health care institutions.” “Wage increases are inconsistent – says Cub Trasporti -. For a contractual validity of 10 years, and a loss in wages in relation to the cost of living of 400 euros per month, a total of 250 euros distributed over three years is proposed. Instead of canceling the additional 24 hours granted in the contract renewal Previously, the increase in working hours will be formalized to 38.5 hours per week without any economic adjustment. Finally, “from the amount of expected salary increases, funds will be transferred to the health care financing category, managed by unions/corporate duos and which will be donated to sector companies.” “Things at airports have worsened significantly, with salary deductions for the benefit of private companies, and there is a risk of increased irregular working hours, overtime, and uncontracted availability.”

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