What is the required amount and what is required to obtain the license

What is the required amount and what is required to obtain the license

What do you need to get a tobacco licence? What are the requirements and what is the cost of opening a tobacco shop?

All questions that need to be answered before deciding to open a business like this. Because the procedure to follow is by no means simple and has costs that must be weighed carefully.

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Open a tobacco shop: a Choose not to be taken lightly. In fact, being a cigarette salesman requires tobacco licence. And to get it, you have to respect the whole chain of rules and requirements provided for in the law. Not to mention the process of obtaining a DAL licenseCustoms and Monopoly Agency It’s long enough.

So let’s see what are the steps, requirements and rules that anyone who wants to open such a business must know.

Tobacco license: required requirements

As mentioned, in order to be able to obtain a tobacco licence, there are certain requirements that must be met. The first thing is distance. In fact, the state does not grant a license to use tobacco to two businesses that are very close to each other. For this reason, the snuffbox could only be opened on condition Maintain certain distances from the nearest snuffbox. Distances that, mind you, are not always the same. They vary according to the number of residents of the municipality. and that is:

  • 300 metres: for municipalities that have less than 30,000 inhabitants;
  • 250 metres: for municipalities that are between 30,000 and 100,000 inhabitants;
  • 200 meters: for municipalities with More than 100,000 inhabitants.

Also in Less populated municipalities There is another condition to fulfill: one tobacco shop for every 1,500 inhabitants, No more. This means that in a municipality with a population of 3,000 there can be at most two tobacco shops. With the only expected exception of a newly opened and well maintained tobacconist 600 meters at least from its predecessors.

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After that from the population there is a second condition that must be met: the condition productivity. In essence, the state only grants a tobacco license if the new business has potential earn enough. In practice, a tobacco license can only be obtained whenBonus (i.e. the fourth part of net revenue) from Three nearest cigarette sellers To newly opened premises (i.e. those located at a distance of less than 600 metres) equal to or greater than:

  • 19,965 euros: in the municipalities that have less than 30,000 inhabitants;
  • 31,990 euros: in the municipalities that between 30 thousand and 100 thousand residents;
  • 39,825 euros: in municipalities with More than 100,000 inhabitants.

However, if there is a distance of at least 600 meters between the existing tobacco shop and the newly opened one, this requirement can be circumvented.

Tobacco license and how to apply for it

On the basis of these two requirements, it is therefore necessary to look for a place capable of meeting the conditions required by the state. Then, an aspiring tobacconist will be able to Fill in the appropriate formIt can be downloaded from the website ofCustoms and Monopoly Agency (ADM), then send it to the same competent ADM in its territory. The model could be Downloaded here.

The application deadline is iMarch 31 of each year. You must complete the form by entering your personal data and contact details. A snuff box and at least three similar businesses must also be located in the immediate area. So thatIndependent management of state monopolies (AAMS) has no useful information for evaluating a license application.

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How is the tobacco license waived?

After receiving the application, the Customs and Monopoly Agency will check whether it is included in the application It fulfilled all the requirements established by law. How do you know if our application has been accepted? to examine A tentative plan for new openings published every 6 monthsI’m on the institutional ADM site. Inside it contains all accepted questions. After posting the plan there time of 20 days Available to interested parties to make any comments. Then ADM will post a file final plan In areas where a tobacco license can be obtained.

However, the process is not over yet. actually Any person who owns a building in the area designated as suitable To open a new snuffbox Apply to be licensed. In municipalities with more than 30,000 inhabitants, the assignment of the license is done through a public auction. In which, as mentioned, anyone who has a place in the respective area and wants to start a tobacconist can participate.

Otherwise – that is, in municipalities with a smaller population – the authorization will be granted with a competition where these categories take precedence:

  • refugees who hold a similar license in their place of origin;
  • War disabled
  • War widows
  • Disabled due to work.

Moreover, with the same qualifications, preference is given to those with a greater family burden. In the event of an additional link, the choice is up to the AAMS, which will decide which premises will be awarded a tobacco licence. If there are not a large number of license applications, AAMS will assign them through private negotiations with the only subject interested in opening a cigarette shop.

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Finally, once the assignment is received, there is another step in this long and complicated journey. Once the required license is obtained, the holder will be obligated to do so Participation in a specific training course.

Opening a snuffbox: how much does it cost?

The aspect related to the bureaucratic process has been resolved, and there is also an aspect cost bearable To open from zero tobacco shop The first cost to take into consideration will certainly be one local (of course if we don’t already have it). It can also be a small space: what matters is that it respects the standards and requirements established by law. Which in this case relates to The minimum size envisaged, equal to 30 square metres. On the average, the upfront expenses related to the venue can be roughly estimated at About 35 thousand euros. A number that clearly depends on the city and region in which the property is located.

The cost to be added to it other costs, Those that are necessary to start the activity. Such as costs for furniture, counter, checkout, display, etc. In this case, the expense must be present 10 thousand euros. Finally there bureaucratic expenses (on 5 thousand euros), affiliate Mandatory course to be a tobacconist (700 euros) and then About 15 thousand euros for the goods (stationery, tools, etc.)

After all, opening a cigarette shop costs a total of approx 66 thousand euros.

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