“I put my hand on the fire that…”

“I put my hand on the fire that…”

In a recent interview, former men’s and women’s team coach Luca Salatino said what he really thinks about Ida Platano.

Luca Salatino He recently gave an interview to Mondotv24 with his pick of men and women Soraya Cerruti. Here they talked about their future projects as if and when they are going to live together. But not only that: He also told the former tronista about his path within the Canale Cinque show as a student and as a tronist model. from his relationship with Matthew Ranieri, another former Tronista of this latest version, with whom a beautiful and deep friendship was born. Finally he told him about What happened between Ida Platano and Ricardo Guarnieri.

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Men and women, Luca Salatino on Ida

During the interview with Mondotv24, Luca Salatino also talked about the beautiful friendship that was born with Matteo Ranieri and how they found each other during the journey to men and women:

It is hard for me to explain because I have rarely associated myself with a person and with Matthew. We found ourselves staying together. We’ve discussed several episode issues a few times, at one point we were almost ready, right? We always support each other. The bond has grown a lot, as we live together 24 hours a day. We have shared difficult times. Sometimes we found ourselves crying and comforting each other. With the program over, we met and nothing changed. We are two brothers. I owe a lot to the program.

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But not only with him she established a special relationship. Even with a lady from the throne he immediately found himself very well. This is Ida Platano and she said about it:

I think in relationships you always have to get into it. I followed them, Ida is a sister to me, I love her soul. She always looked at me and gave me comfort, but that’s already when I was a suitor. She is a woman with so many feelings to give Ida, I put my hand on fire. I didn’t take sides, I’m talking about her as a person. Then in relationships you have to get into it in order to give an opinion. Those who live it really know the relationship.

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