Google Alert, if you get this notification run home immediately and don’t underestimate, you risk serious consequences

Google Alert, if you get this notification run home immediately and don’t underestimate, you risk serious consequences
Google Alerts: Important New Lifesaving Alerts Coming (on the Web) –

Google Alerts is a service that has been accompanying users of the technology giant Mountain View for more than twenty years.

Obviously, it goes without saying, this service is only usable by citizens who have a Google account. Thanks to him, by simply setting various search parameters, i.e. topics and places of interest, users will receive news about them taken from the Web.

Obviously, social networks are excluded from these searches. It is good to specify. It should be noted that there will be no news from the platforms. In practice, news related to the latter may also occur, but news drawn from it will not. Either way, it’s a really cool thing.

This is for various reasons. Of all the concerns, without a doubt, is access to information. Whether it’s topical or news, whether it’s politics or gossip, it doesn’t matter. You will get the latest news of the day at the click of a button. You can read it from your device in peace and whenever you want.

Now, though, something new is coming. Actually, Google has created a new service under this app. It will be really useful because it will provide you with alerts that will help you avoid unpleasant consequences. In this article, we will explain to you what they are and, above all, how they will work.

Notifications from Google Alerts: They could save your life.

Yes, you get it right. These alerts that Google will implement soon will be able to avoid unpleasant consequences for all users and in some cases they will even be able to save their lives. These alerts will be based on the city of residence of the users or the city they are in at that particular moment.

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Google will send alerts about severe and inclement weather (web) –

Then they will be targeted. And as soon as such a notice arrives, everyone better run home and lock themselves inside. In practice, the Mountain View giant is gearing up for the upcoming summer season. In fact, it will send alerts to report heat waves, whether they are heat waves or minor ones.

In addition, they will indicate the onset and end of bad weather. Obviously, to support this, all the necessary precautions to be taken will also be listed. It will certainly be an excellent preventive tool that will prevent unpleasant consequences due to heat strokes during the most intense phases of the summer season.

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