Ukraine and Kiev: “Russia is preparing to withdraw from Kherson”

Ukraine and Kiev: “Russia is preparing to withdraw from Kherson”

Russia is preparing to withdraw from Kherson. This is what the Ukrainian army claims. The Kyiv General Staff said on Facebook, “That is why they have sunk nine vehicles near the Khakovka hydroelectric power station to build a corridor,” and also reported that 180 Russian soldiers were killed in the bombing of one of their bases in the premises of the ‘Alexander Corporation. “For five days,” they say, “a unit of the Russian National Guard and the Federal Security Service pulled the bodies out of the rubble, trying to hide the losses.”

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Kherson residents also say they heard four explosions and saw a column of black smoke coming from the Petrovsky plant, one of the bases of the Russian occupation.

Today, Russian forces bombed buildings in about thirty towns and villages. The Ukrainian General Staff wrote on Facebook, citing the Ukrinform website. In detail, there were four missile attacks, fifteen air strikes and more than twenty multiple missile launcher attacks against civilian and military infrastructures.

Boy – NATO is ready to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion, Admiral Rob Bauer, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, “as long as there is a need for it.” Winter is coming, but our support will remain steadfast. “The ammunition, equipment, and training that allies and other countries provide make a difference on the battlefield,” Power said.

The admiral also wanted to emphasize how the Ukrainians, “thanks to their successes on land and on the Internet, have radically changed modern warfare.” The Ukrainians, he said, were very creative in using the weapons given to them, “they used them in ways we wouldn’t normally use.”

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The NATO Military Committee includes the Chiefs of Staff of the 30 member states. At the heart of his two-day meeting in Tallinn is the implementation of the decisions taken at the Madrid Summit in late June. For the first time, the Chiefs of Staff of Sweden and Finland attend as guests, their application to join NATO has been accepted but not yet ratified by the parliaments of all member states.

special court – The Czech Republic, the current president of the European Union, calls for the establishment of a special international court for war crimes in Ukraine. “I call for the speedy establishment of a special international tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression – says Prime Minister Jan Lipavsky -. Russia is leaving behind mass graves of hundreds of people who were killed and tortured in the Izyum region. In the 21st century, these attacks were against the population,” he wrote on Twitter. Civilians are unthinkable and obnoxious. We must not ignore them. We want to punish all war criminals.”

Central Zaporizhia – After two weeks of interruption, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant again receives electricity from the Ukrainian national grid, after repairing one of the four external lines, all of which were damaged by the conflict. All six reactors at the plant, the largest in Europe, have been shut down, but electricity is required to maintain necessary safety functions, the agency confirms in a statement. Russian forces have occupied the Al-Ma’mal area since 4 March.

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