June 7, 2023

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The United States and Korea pay Peseriko in the three months

Exterior of the Peserico Department Store in Venice (Photo courtesy of Peserico)

See and bypass. This is the message that Ricardo PeruvoCEO of Bisrico, the elected engine of doing business for 2022. An important year for Cornedo Vicenino, which celebrates its 60th anniversary and looks to the future with optimism, thanks to the first quarter of a restart. “The quarter ended at +19% during 2021, while we estimate it will end the year at +8%,” said Veneto Entrepreneur. MFF. Good signals come from the upcoming fall-winter sales campaign, which registered +10% in 2020. As for the performance in individual markets, while Japan continues to feel the blows of the epidemic, with a very curvy interior situation, neighboring Korea is doing particularly well.

Abroad, the US “forgot what covid is,” said Berovo, stressing the momentum of this market, which is double what it was in 2021. On US soil, Besrico plans four new openings between now and November. Then a good signal comes from the Ukrainian front. “Russia and Ukraine are very important markets for us. In particular, in Ukraine we opened four stores in 2021, with the fifth opening, which was subsequently closed, which was scheduled to take place last March, ”explained Berovo, who due to the conflict that erupted in the first months of the year was forced to suspend activity.

Ricardo Berovo, CEO of Peserico (Image courtesy of Peserico)

«Over the past few weeks, two partners have asked us to be able to reopen their doors in Lviv, Dnipro and Odessa. Hopefully it will be a tangible sign of recovery.” On the retail front, if Canada and the Middle East, with Dubai at the fore, represent the latest frontier for international expansion, with confidence to open new single-brand stores within a year, and site search for a second Milano store (further via Solferino, so) is still open. “Montenapoleone remains an essential destination, but we’re still on the list for nearby Via Sant’Andrea. Once we find a space to our liking, we’ll wrap up, hopefully this year or next, said Ricardo Pirvo.

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For celebrations over 60 years, Peserico plans two events in the second half of the year. The first is at Corneo headquarters on July 20, which will be a celebration of the people who have contributed to this important milestone. The second in the Milanese capital during Milano women’s fashion (Peserico produces 95% women’s clothing, so) which will also include Chinese and US partners. In addition, we will enrich the Aurea capsule, which was launched in March (We see MFF From 1 March), with a selection of 30 distinctive clothing pieces, a mirror of the company’s heritage, which we wanted, however, to give a contemporary transition.”

Peserico look (courtesy of Peserico)

News looming also for women’s fashion Spring/Summer 2023. “We’ve revamped the models and the palette that will feature bright new shades. Berovo concluded that the show would be less entertaining and more casual, in keeping with the pervasive desire to go back out and dress well as we saw it among our customers.” (All rights reserved)