Where does Justin Bieber live? Homes around the United States

Where does Justin Bieber live?  Homes around the United States

A thousand square meters, a cinema room and seven bedrooms. These are numbers Villa located in Beverly Parkthe most exclusive area in Los angeleswhose intercom bears the name Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

With a net worth of $25.8 million, she is the new jewel of the Canadian singer and American model, who got married, in strict secrecy, in September 2018.

But Beverly Hills They are not new to the presence of a fetish belippers (that’s the name of her fans), who was famous not only for her beauty, skill, angelic face and golden blond hair, but also for her Familiarity with the world of real estate sales.

All homes of Justin Bieber

there Justin Bieber’s fame in real estate It has been cemented over the years.

It was the house that saw the birth of love with the former, selena GomezHe certainly knew his tastes in terms of luxury homes with modern design.

there villalocated in Calabasasin California, was also a great theater and often discussed broadcasting the arrest live on TV.

Controversial presence, in the quieter Los Angeles County, to the point of forcing the Gil-Zeta standard-bearer to move to Glass property with stunning architecture.

there glass a house (It was called the estate) it was like that Bieber’s house all year 2015. With an incredibly modern and simple design, the villa lacked privacy.

Life with Hailey Baldwin between luxury villas and beach houses

Before moving permanently (at least for now) to Beverly Park, it was like that tropics The Live the first love of Justin and Hailey. The

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The villa, consisting of 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, cinema room, barbecue area, infinity pool and a bar to enjoy leisure time, was too small for the needs of the couple, who sold it in favor of the existing house, the worth $25.8 million (about 25.5 million euros) It is located in one of the star’s favorite neighborhoods.

The area of ​​the villa is about a thousand square meters, and it contains 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and a gym. There are also indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, consisting of a library, cinema room, infinity pool and jacuzzi corner. On the other hand, the tennis court keeps the Biebers training. Finally, the wood oven and grill are the icing on the cake for evenings out with friends.

Justin Bieber’s other homes

To keep the roots alive with Canada and the House in Ontario: 800 square meters of paradise, with private access to Lake Boslinch A track dedicated to horse racing.

Finally, you can’t miss the house overlooking the sea: a whole castle (Carib Castle) in Cayman Islandsaway from the eyes of the paparazzi and prying eyes, and a breathtaking view of the sea.

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