Ukraine, Times: “Putin is preparing a nuclear test on the Ukrainian border” – Europe

Ukraine, Times: “Putin is preparing a nuclear test on the Ukrainian border” – Europe

Nuclear test on the border of Ukraine. After days of verbal escalation over the Russian nuclear threat, Vladimir Putin will be ready to make a disturbing demonstration gesture to raise the bar for confrontation with the West. According to The Times, an intelligence report sent by NATO to member states raised the alarm: a report warning of possible force tests in Moscow through simulations involving the use of nuclear warheads.

Along with the already supposed potential test of the Poseidon torpedo, which will be on the launch pad by the Belgorod submarine recently intercepted in the Arctic Sea, the new warning will be represented by a military train of the nuclear division heading towards Ukraine, even if the latest known geographical locations still give it in Moscow region, hundreds of kilometers from the border. According to analyst Konrad Muzica, the unit is responsible for nuclear munitions, their storage and maintenance, and could be deployed in a “strategic deterrence exercise.” The pro-Russian Repar Telegram channel had reported the train’s movements on Sunday, describing armored vehicles loaded with new artillery pieces fitted with cannons, machine guns and grenade launchers.

Russia, nuclear division train heading to the Ukrainian front

According to a high-ranking Western defense source cited by the British newspaper, Putin’s potential show of force through the use of nuclear weapons would take place in the Black Sea. But it is “not impossible” that the Kremlin leader would use a nuclear tactic in Ukraine. However, in this case, the risks for Moscow will inevitably be higher. “They could make a mistake and accidentally hit a Russian city near the Ukrainian border, such as Belgorod,” the source explained. For Andrew Vetter, a University of Leicester professor and atomic weapons expert, packing the nuclear department train is currently a warning that Putin has given the West. But in terms of preparing for a nuclear provocation, Allied intelligence remains cautious. “We have no indication that the Russian armed forces are mobilizing assets or personnel associated with its nuclear arsenal: everything is normal at the moment,” a senior Western defense official explained. But NATO has not officially denied the newspaper report and the fear of a reckless gesture by the tsar in the face of negative unrest on Ukrainian lands, from Kharkiv to Kherson, remains strong. “Putin feels trapped and can be very dangerous and reckless,” CIA Director Bill Burns warned in an interview with CBS. The Russian president should “worry not only about what is happening on the battlefield in Ukraine, but also about what is happening at home and internationally,” stressing that he is number one in US intelligence, recalling that despite the promise of “friendship without borders” China refused to provide military support for the attack in Ukraine.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense, during its daily media conference, showed a military map showing the significant retreat of Moscow’s forces from some northern regions of the Kherson region in southern Ukraine. The map shows that Russian forces have left a large number of positions including Dudchany, on the western bank of the Dnieper River, where the Ukrainian army is conducting a counterattack.
Kyiv forces raised the Ukrainian flag in the village of Davidev Prid, Kherson region. Deputy Roman Lozinsky, who serves in the Kyiv Defense Forces, wrote on Facebook. “She was raped by the Russian occupation. She will become one of the pearls in our travels through southern Ukraine after victory. Let’s meet on the Inholik!” The progress of the Ukrainian counter-offensive continues in the south with the recovery of several positions, after the Moscow defense admitted yesterday the breach of its defense lines in Kherson.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky ratified the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of September 30, according to which it is impossible to negotiate with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the need to strengthen the defense capacity of Ukraine.
Taking into account the results of the meeting, it was “emphasized the impossibility of negotiating with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.” Ukranska Pravda Report.

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