Juventus, Allegri: “Keiza has not been called up. April is a key month for him to have the important month of May”

Juventus, Allegri: “Keiza has not been called up. April is a key month for him to have the important month of May”

To make the most of April and thus experience the “wonderful month of May”, cheerful You will have to do without it Pogba and the church. against the Verona Both will be in the pits, even if the two situations are diametrically opposed: “For Federico it’s a matter of a few days, rather for Paul right now it’s hard to give time.” Nothing new under the sun, given that Chiesa has already missed 22 league and cup matches this season, while the French player has managed to achieve worse results by being present only three times.

Scudetto, Champions League, Salvation: April is the month of truth

by Francesco Carsi

Incidence status for April, the main month

Without them and due Rabiot and Paredes, but with new Milik, Alex Sandro, Meriti, the Bianconeri will face Verona, now with their backs to the wall and needing to score points so as not to see the season end prematurely: “We have brought back all the players, except for Pogba, Bonucci and Kaio Jorge, because we are heading Toward the end of a beautiful but tiring season.” All or at least all of them, given that even if “for Chiza it’s a matter of two days”, and he is likely to be available against Inter, the certainties on the outside are linked to everyday life. Despite this, Juventus are going through an excellent moment, both as a team and individually, and against Verona they will have to find the momentum to put their feet on the gas in April, which is crucial for the fate of the season: “I spoke to the boys, April may give us the possibility of a month The important May, that is, reaching the finals of the European League and the Italian Cup. In the league we have 56 points: in football, what you do remains but tomorrow we start from zero. To zero. We cannot believe that winning Milan is over the season: it is right to enjoy victories, But tomorrow it will be dangerous, Verona is aggressive, press.”

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Choose between attack and midfield

In the case of recovery defense Alex Sandro It seems that the re-launch of the Brazilian trio prices with Daniel And PrimerCommitments with Inter, Lazio and Sporting Club could push the coach towards a change. Who in midfield will have to drop Rabiot and Paredes, but he can count on him Parniciaa candidate for the starting jersey, but also Locatelli And Bean. The young Juventus midfielder is going through a magical moment, so it is only natural that the coach tries in every possible way to limit his enthusiasm to avoid falling: “He has grown a lot, but he still has to grow. I spoke to him, I told him that it is normal that there is a lot of Talk about it but it is a moment of growth: He must keep his feet on the ground, without getting excited or depressed but having a balance.” Without the church and with Maria Again available the day before the match, in the attack will remain Vlakhovich: “He’s back well, Milik too, Kane and Sulley are in good shape. It’s important we get them all, they give me the chance to play and the substitutions will be more important, we have 9 games in April. Di Maria? He’s hardly going to be a player, he came back yesterday.” He’s fine, he had a good workout.”

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