When the last flight left Kabul, the Canadian people were forced to leave

The last Canadian flight took off from the airport at 7 a.m. local time, according to General Wayne Iyer, executive chairman of the security officer.

About 1,000 Afghans resettled in the country have been evacuated from Kabul in two flights in the past few hours, one sent by Canada and the other by the United States, he told a news conference on Thursday.

A Canadian C-17 Globemaster, Aug. 19, at the airport in Kabul.

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / Alexander Klein

About 3,700 people were evacuated by Canadian forces after the Taliban took control of Kabul on August 14.

This includes Canadian citizens, permanent residents, their family members, citizens of allied countries, long-standing contacts with Canada, and Afghans or our allies who have been accepted for resettlement in Canada., He clarified.

This operation is the largest, most complex and most dangerous in modern history. Such activities put a lot of effort into our people.

A quote:General Wayne Eyre, Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Army

The Canadian Army Special Forces had to move outside the airport soon In the process of obtaining some of them, General Ire confirmed.

Transport Minister Mark Corneo discusses aviation security during a press conference in Ottawa on Thursday, February 23, 2017

“Guilt is high”

According to him, the soldiers who took part in the operations faced conditions Never seen for decadesEspecially, because Threat Surrounded the airport, forcing troops to constantly relocate.

The chief said he was concerned for the well-being of the Canadian soldiers he met in person Scary things Not to mention the difficulty in dealing with the fact that in recent times, people who still need help have not been able to recover.

Feelings of helplessness and guilt must leave people.

A quote:General Wayne Eyre, Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Army

General Ire, like other soldiers, veterans and journalists, said he had recently received emails from Afghans he knew during his previous stay in Afghanistan, and that they wanted to leave the Taliban and flee with their families.

Photos of their families in the midst of their pleas and the tragic circumstances that often accompany them are heartbreaking. It breaks the heart.

A quote:General Wayne Eyre, Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Army

Clearly, the thousands of Afghans who are likely to settle in Canada could not be deported in a timely manner, so it must now be hoped that Afghanistan can be left to a third country by land or trade as soon as the Taliban take over. Control of the airport.

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According to Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship, 2,500 applications for refugee status have been received so far, and they affect 8,000 people. Two-thirds of them accepted.

We could not stay, Iyer pleads

Starts again Explanations given by the Minister of Defense on Wednesday Harjeet Sajjan, who leads the Canadian Army, explained that Canadians have no choice but to end their operations.

Canada and [ses] Multinational partners must come to an end [leurs] Activities. So it is necessary Return our personnel, resources and aircraft before the Americans complete their retirement, which includes much needed airport security.

There is only a small group of Canadian soldiers at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in the Afghan capital. When the Allied forces return, Noted the Chief of Defense Staff.

We were in Afghanistan as long as we could. We finally stopped operations. We want to stay longer and rescue all who are eager to leave. But we could not. It breaks the heart. But the conditions of the land quickly deteriorated.

A quote:General Wayne Eyre, Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Army

Make no mistake, this crisis is due to the Taliban, General Ire charged, before highlighting the work Extraordinary Passed by his forces, confronted Lots of suffering, In a country where they have not had a significant presence for seven years.

Since the beginning of August we have been able to evacuate 3,700 people on 17 flights, which makes a big difference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented shortly after.

But our engagement with Afghanistan does not end today. Instead, we will continue because we will receive more than 20,000 Afghans in the coming years, months and years to come.

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We will ensure that we continue to put pressure on the Taliban to let the people leave the Afghanistan they want, He promised.

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