Meloni reassures the United States ‘But if I win I’ll be prime minister’ – Chronicle

Meloni reassures the United States ‘But if I win I’ll be prime minister’ – Chronicle

by Alessandro Farrugia

Salvini In Lampedusa, Meloni is engaged in a dual role: an unsuspecting statesman speaking to Fox News, an aggressive right-wing leader at Studio Aberto. Georgia Meloni on conservative American television is still talking about Atlanticism. “The West, he says, can count on us but we would also like to be able to count on the West. One of the most important things we can do is cut off Russian gas.” The opposition helped the Draghi government do everything Italy needs to do to help Ukraine.” “The invasion of Ukraine – he says – is the tip of the iceberg of a conflict aimed at reviewing the world order. That is why we are sure of where Italy has to be in order to defend its national interests.” And Meloni does not deny his ambitions. “Opinion polls indicate that in the upcoming elections Fd’I, who is in the lead, could win with a right-wing coalition. the middle. I am the leader of this party. Then let’s see. I could be the first woman to lead the government in the history of Italy… It would be a great honor for me to be the first woman to lead a European party, the ECR. ”

The tones in Italy are different, the priorities are immigration, tax, energy and presidential. “The issue of the landings – says Meloni to Italy 1 – must face the naval blockade, a European mission, to be agreed with European institutions, to negotiate with Libya the possibility of stopping departing boats, and to open hot spots in Africa. To assess who has the right to be a refugee and who It’s not. We need to stop thinking about the same thing as refugees and illegal immigrants: it’s a lie built up by the left in recent years.”

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Among the many reasons for insisting on emigration, there is also the reason for the involvement of Matteo Salvini in this case, who aims to return to the Viminale. “We are developing the idea – he says on the second day of his mission in the Pelagian Islands – and I will propose it to the Allies, to an extraordinary commissioner coming either from the army or from the Carabinieri to manage the flows so as not to burden the provinces and police headquarters only”, in addition, of course, to return Already announced security decrees and the establishment of hotspots outside the European Union, laws in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Albania.

With the program developing in an advanced state, the center right is putting the finishing touches on the last parts of the alliance. The issue of distributing the center seats should be resolved by Monday. To complicate matters, the merger has just announced that the vision of Noi con Italia by Maurizio Lopi makes an electoral agreement with Giovanni Totti, the leader of Italy at the center, agreeing to introduce a unified token while another agreement has been signed by Lorenzo Sessa for the UDC and Luigi Brugnaro of Coraggio Italia . In last week’s agreements, 11 seats were to be allocated to mediators, notably Coraggio Italia and Noi con Italia. Now, the novelty of Totti’s entry into the coalition and the UDC’s decision to stop running on the slate with Forza Italia, changes things: the Centrists could gain two more seats. Not more than.

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