Resale of Immigrants in the United States | “Migration will continue,” said the Haitian prime minister

(United Nations) “Migration will continue,” Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry told the UN on Saturday. Built thanks to immigrants.

“In recent days, more than one person has been shocked by the pictures of many of my countrymen being treated on the border between Mexico and the United States,” a Haitian official said in a pre-recorded video speech.

“Instead of challenging the right of the sovereign state, to control the entry of foreigners into its territory or to deport those who have entered their own countries illegally, we believe that many prosperous countries today are built on a series of waves of immigration. Refugees,” he said.

Tens of thousands of migrants, mostly Haitians, have arrived on the border between Mexico and the United States since early September. This massive visit and the treatment enjoyed by some immigrants was pushed back by members of the Border Police as they crossed the river separating the two countries, drawing loose on the right to the avalanche of criticism of the administration of Joe Biden, who is considered inhumane on the left.

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This problem of immigrants should remind us that human beings, fathers and mothers, will always seek to escape poverty and conflict and provide better living conditions for their descendants.

Ariel Henry, Prime Minister of Haiti

“Migration will continue as long as there are prosperous areas on our planet, while the vast majority of the world’s population lives in a state of uncertainty, sometimes without seriousness and without a chance for a better life,” he said.

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According to him, “To find a permanent solution to the problem of migration, we must address the root causes of human migration.” “I call on the international community to immediately strengthen measures to improve living conditions in countries that provide political or economic refugees,” he said.

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