When surveillance cameras spy on us instead of being monitored: How to defend yourself

Hollywood or simply news reports on more sensitive topics have taught us how surveillance cameras can be of small dimensions, making them difficult to identify. They can hide anywhere: in stuffed animals, on clothes, on furniture, in chargers, even in the buttonhole of your jacket. Its small size allows images to be obtained discreetly. If these things were once tools for journalists and investigators, now they are actually available on the web and in department stores E-Commerce, without much difficulty. Devices created for home surveillance are not necessarily used for good, on the contrary. Here because You should have the right precautions even on your devices.

When surveillance cameras are used for spying

There are those who use them to spy on partners (or former partners), reaching the no less disturbing situation in which these devices are used by owners of homes, hotels, or rented rooms, usually for a short period. Nothing illegal, actually. platforms like Airbnb Allowing surveillance devices provided that strict conditions are respected. If similar systems seem rare in Italy, it is less so in the rest of the world. in Californiareports nbcIn 2019, a couple discovered a hidden (defective) camera pointing to their bed, hidden inside a smoke detector. Airbnb, notified by the two guests, issued a full refund.

Beware of snitches

In the past we've explained how to identify spy cameras, through the use of software or more 'makeshift' techniques, such as smartphone lights or an infrared detector. But to use it as spy camerasometimes Even the security cameras we use in our homesFrom baby monitors to monitors. But what is even more worrying is the use of shared videos, for example, if they are victims of an attack. On the channels cable, especially those of a private and intimate nature. There are not many channels created for this purpose, which once blocked are immediately opened again. Among the most recent ones to open, there are as many as 8,400 members. But how can videos recorded for security purposes reach Telegram channels for mysterious purposes?

When purchasing a security camera, you should always Relying on well-known brands And that they have Robust framework for user security and privacy protection. It is also the duty of the user Change all default passwordsand replace it with Complex passwords If this is possible, Two-factor authentication. Also important Keep the software updated. Finally, apps like Fing allow you to identify any foreign devices connected to your router. If these precautions are not taken, there is a possibility (albeit remote) that this could happen.

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