New warning on the web, be careful when sharing your data: There’s a threat that few people know about

New warning on the web, be careful when sharing your data: There’s a threat that few people know about

Be very careful about sharing your data on the web because privacy threat is always around the corner.

When browsing the Internet, it is more important than ever to always keep your eyes wide open to avoid getting into potentially dangerous situations, especially regarding our privacy. In fact, every day we enter our data online without even thinking about it for two minutes, and this can be a real problem A threat to our security.

Beware of this new online threat (

Yes, because our personal data is a precious treasure and protecting it as much as possible is necessary, especially with the increasing spread of new technologies capable of collecting information, even sensitive information, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

For this reason, industry experts have been sounding the alarm for some time to try to increase users’ awareness of the topic. particularly, Be very careful of this new danger!

Be careful when sharing your data on the web: few people know about this new threat

As we expected from the beginning of our article, Protecting our sensitive data on the web is very important. In this regard, the so-called OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) has become widespread in recent years, that is, the practice of collecting and analyzing information from open sources available to everyone, in order to trace where this data is stored, and thus prevent indiscriminate dissemination.

The new online threat
Network Alert: How to protect your data (

Therefore, using this open source intelligence portal that is accessible to everyone, you can enter email addresses and phone numbers to find out where a person is registered online. Try entering your number and you will be able to notice how the portal will show you, by scanning your activity on the web, all the services you have registered for.

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Therefore, it is clear that in the current context in which we find ourselves living, being able to defend your data is essential. Some people do not realize it yet, but we have to realize as soon as possible the fact that all activities carried out on the web leave behind an indelible trace and that the data we enter can often be used maliciously.

Therefore, to protect your privacy, it is necessary to adopt a series of small but effective precautions such as using personalized emails to subscribe to various online services. Only in this way will it be possible to create a safe and conscious online environment, where privacy is one hundred percent valued and respected.

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