EOLO Phone Scam: You Signed a Fake Contract | Shame on your internet bill

EOLO Phone Scam: You Signed a Fake Contract |  Shame on your internet bill
New scam, what is it – www.iPaddisti.it

Recently, many people have been receiving very strange SMS and emails, in which unmissable offers are indicated that are ready for activation on a user or phone plan.

Most of these communications are unfortunately well-made scams called “phishing”, which is an online fraud technique used to obtain banking information and personal data from unaware victims.

One of the latest notifications has reached all subscribers EOLUS who have been informed b A new scam has been going on for the past few days. The message sent says: “Attention! They are more and more frequent Calls from people pretending to be your internet operator. If you receive a suspicious call, our customer service is at your disposal.”

More technically this technique is called phishing (phishing), where it uses phone calls to trick the unfortunate, except it uses the same classic phishing mechanisms to get people to provide information such as username, password, credit card numbers, customer codes, and documents.

Phishing relies on the ability of hackers to create messages They seem to come from reliable sources such as banks, public administrations, or postal services, and often occurs through messages that contain links or attachments that lead to fake websites or pages where the user can log in, providing their credentials directly to criminals.

How to avoid these scams

While phishing messages and calls are becoming more elaborate and believable, there are precautions users can take. Check the text of the message Or phrases referring to the phone, errors in linking names or users, clerical errors, ambiguous information and unnecessary requests for documentation are easily recognizable.

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How to identify a scam – www.iPaddisti.it (Source: freepik)

It is therefore important to avoid taking unnecessary risks Do not click on any suspicious links, even if you indicate sites that, to the less attentive eye, may appear to be the same as the real ones. If you have doubts about the reliability of what is written, it is always best to act independently, i.eBy entering the address in the search bar or by contacting support.

For calls, on the other hand, it will be sufficient to write the anonymous number online to see if other people have been called or to answer, ask what it is about and hang up and then Block the number Without providing any personal information.

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