When Antonella Clerici gave birth to a toy boy but her life was a real hell: a revelation

When Antonella Clerici gave birth to a toy boy but her life was a real hell: a revelation
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When Antonella Clerici was with Eddie Martins her life was a real hell: here’s what was revealed

Beautiful, sunny and spontaneous: Antonella Clerici She is undoubtedly one of the most beloved bandleaders of all time by small screen viewers. In fact, the famous TV presenter boasts stellar career And for many years now, he has been keeping company with his beloved audience straight from television.

In fact, just think of his success with Chef testwho led him for 16 years or a It’s always noonwhich is still the landlady, and for the seniors and children’s version the sound. In short, Antonelina is one of the spearheads of Mother Ray.

Moreover, seven years after his relationship with Eddie Martins, the two are back in the center of media attention due to an unexpected revelation. As we well know, both Antonella and Eddie rebuild their lives, but the latter took everyone by surprise advertisement Rooted in his previous romance with Clerici.

Actually, the man was explaining it disgusting memory From the period when he and the rai music presenter were together. In particular, Martens does not have a good memory at all In Italy.

Antonella Clerici: Her Story with Eddie Martins

Eddie Martens and Antonella Clerici reunited 2007 Their romantic relationship caused quite a stir from the very beginning.

In particular, the age difference between the two, who 13 yearsany Human originsMoreover, he was not from the entertainment world, which caused discussion.

Antonella Clerici
Antonella Clerici and the revelation of Eddie Martens – Instagram (@antoclerici)

Antonella Clerici: What Eddie Martins Revealed

At this point, Eddie Martens had revealed that he had very bad, nauseating memories of his time with Antonella Clerici. In detail, the man admitted that at that time he was receiving discriminatory comments regarding its originsOn the border of racism. In short, it is about Very dangerous Which made Martens suffer.

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So the former spouses soon ended up at the center of controversy and Eddie’s reception in Italy was not a good and happy one. Ignorance was more in fact offended and offended the former village painter only because of his race and because he was not a man of Italian descent.

Now, however, fortunately, Eddie has found happiness again in another country Obviously, he disclosed it He will never return to live in Italy Because of the narrow-mindedness and closed-mindedness of some of the inhabitants of the beautiful country.

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