March 25, 2023

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Migrants, Italy and the Mediterranean: Frustrated at deportations

“NGOs respect international laws” Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Greece call on NGOs to “respect” the international legal framework for search and rescue operations. “Each country – read a joint memorandum – shall effectively exercise jurisdiction and control over ships flying its flag.” Moreover, the four countries consider having an “urgent and necessary” discussion on the coordination of NGOs in accordance with international conventions. The note concludes, “All flag states assume their responsibilities in accordance with their international obligations,” and called on the European Union to take steps to start the discussion.

French Minister: “Unacceptable methods of Meloni” – According to France, the migrant crisis is “a very strong disappointment, and Italy does not respect international law nor maritime law.” This was confirmed by French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, adding that the statement “in which Giorgia Meloni, our spokeswoman, asserts that it is up to France to receive immigrants, is completely contrary to what we have said. These methods are unacceptable.”

Tajani: ‘Disproportionate reaction from France’ – For Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, the French reaction was disproportionate. He said in an interview with Corriere della Sera: “We raised a political problem on the issue of immigrants, we did not want to provoke any controversy. On the part of France there was a disproportionate reaction, as well as to their internal political issues. A stronger European move, because the seven thousand kilometers from the Italian coast It is the southern border of Europe. Even Manfred Weber, president of the European People’s Party, has proved us right.”

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“It is Europe that should make a plan, not Italy – we need a common choice on the relocation. We will deal with the issue of immigration with great calm and determination, because the problem has been going on for years and we absolutely have to ask about the agreement that the Italian ports,” Tajani added. They are the ports where all immigrants must disembark. I don’t know they exist.”

An informal Meloni-Macron meeting is possible at the G20 in Bali – Meanwhile, work is underway on the Palazzo Chigi-Farnesina-Colle axis in an effort to bridge the diplomatic rift. The goal is to reach a face-to-face clarification between Meloni and Macron in the coming days at the G-20 in Bali. An informal meeting rather than a real one-on-one seems to be the most likely solution at the moment. “In the corridors we meet and talk,” one minister notes, not wanting to emphasize Bali’s default appointment. Meloni will depart on Sunday for Indonesia, as at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, and will also use the Indonesian Summit as an opportunity to get to know and learn about world leaders.

The European Union is working at the meeting of ministers at the end of November – In the meantime, Brussels explained how the migrant file is a priority for the European Union, which, after the clash between Italy and France over resettlement, is working on an ad hoc summit, with the aim of bringing Europe together with the other interior. Technical Ministers. The meeting could take place in the last days of November and would have to be held by the Czech Presidency of the European Council. An official decision is expected next week.

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