Whatsapp, the third blue check is coming: what will he do

Whatsapp, the third blue check on the well-known messaging application is also coming to users: let’s find out together what it is and what it will be used for.

one is coming big news For instant messaging app users. In these hours, increasingly persistent rumors are circulating on the web, especially from alleged insiders, according to which the application will arriveAfter another blue check Next to 2 is already there for some time.

News about the messaging app (via screenshot)

one is coming The third blue check for him The WhatsApp. On the network and on various sites it seems that the idea of ​​​​the Meta developers is tied to a specific will. With this new tag added to the other two tags, the user will be able to find out if, through his chat with one of his contacts, he has been Take a screenshot from the conversation In progress. Let’s find out all the details about this great news coming to the app.

Whatsapp, the third blue check is coming

The WhatsApp
The third blue check of the instant messaging app is coming (via screenshot)

Who among us has never found ourselves taking a screenshot of a conversation we had The WhatsApp. It seems that this habit is becoming more and more popular and that is why developers are considering implementing tools to give the user interested in conversations comment If a conversation is taking place Saved with screenshot by axes. all throughAdd the third tag.

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If the news is created, this news may not satisfy everyone. from what we read WABetaInfoThe rumors are destined to remain so, and they are considered complete nonsense. This possibility has also been evaluated in the past for another Meta Group social network. In fact, it was thought to add functionality Instagram But the idea almost immediately faded away and she never saw realization.

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At the moment, no denials or confirmations have been received from the media contact team The WhatsApp. So it will be necessary Wait for the next updates Also for a test drive. The test is conducted on a small closed sample of people who will be able to test the new functionality of the application and evaluate its usefulness. Only after positive feedback from developers can there be a possibility to see widespread distribution through official updates of a particular feature.

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