Crazy price, actually worth more than a Ferrari

Crazy price, actually worth more than a Ferrari

The Lancia Delta is a timeless legend, and there is now a very rare example that will cost more than a Ferrari.

Throughout history, the Italian automobile industry has been able to boast a series of brands that have written memorable pages on four wheels. There is really no doubt that it was one of the most famous houses bayonet, With the Piedmontese giant that has dominated the world of rallying for many years.

The Lancia Delta is more than just a Ferrari (Stellantis Press Media –

the WRC It wouldn’t have been the same if Lancia hadn’t been able to establish itself on a global level in the 1980s, designing several noteworthy cars. It was the first revolutionary car Stratos launchan innovative model that may not have received much approval from an aesthetic standpoint.

However, the real strength of the Stratos was the fact that it was ahead of its time in terms of performance and development in terms of aerodynamics. Then it was 037’s turn to establish itself in world Radiocommunication Conference, He also managed to beat the legendary Audi Quattro, the historic model that brought the concept of four-wheel drive to the world of rallying.

However, the golden years were those of the historic Lancia Delta HF Integrale, with this car always managing to win the Manufacturers’ World Championship from 1987 until 1992, with Juha Kankkunen and Miki Biasion They are two WRC legends. However, between the 037 and the HF Integrale, the first was born delta, Yet it remains part of the legendary and very serious Group B, with the S4 now up for auction at an insane price.

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Lancia Delta S4: The value is crazy

In the mid-1980s, the passion for rallying reached levels unimaginable just a few years ago. Fans watched these races along the way, with people often putting themselves in danger so they could admire their heroes on the streets all over the world.

Lancia Delta S4 (Sotheby’s –

Group B cars were cars that no longer had to be standard, then were modified to become race cars, but were born as racing prototypes. Something innovative and unimaginable, but it prompted pilots to launch rockets on roads created for everyday life and certainly not for racing.

there 4 S In fact he became the sad protagonist of a tragic event, because in 1986 a Delta S4 overturned during Corsica Rally Which causes death phenomenon such as Henri Toivonen, As well as his co-pilot, Sergio Cristo. This brought an end to Group B’s move to the less powerful Group A, allowing Lancia to develop first Delta HF 4WD And then integration.

Even if it doesn’t win the World Championship, the S4 remains legendary, like all Group B cars, which is why collectors can’t wait to acquire a similar gem. Through the well-known auction agency Sotheby’s, between May 10 and 11, 2024 it will be possible to bid on a very rare model. delta s4, With a value ranging between 800 thousand and one million euros.

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