WhatsApp: The awaited news is approaching

WhatsApp: The awaited news is approaching

they call it “WhatsApp Stealth“, with a term borrowed from the world of browsers, which is a new feature The WhatsApp It has been in development for some time and is already being tested, but it has not yet reached the official application available to everyone. Not yet but Don’t miss a lot Judging by the latest news.

This feature, in fact, was already Introduced in beta app for iOS A few weeks ago and now he has also appeared in Beta for Android. As always, remember that not all of the functionality that appears in the beta version then makes it to the official app, but in this case Incognito mode is such a highly anticipated and useful function (even in WhatsApp itself, after all) that it seems odd that it Do not do it. He did not arrive yet. Also because, in the meantime, another news has arrived that goes in the same direction: limiting the possibilities of those who want to use WhatsApp for stalkingfor Spying on a partner and for harassing others.

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Incognito in WhatsApp: How it works

for “WhatsApp Stealth“means the possibility of using, at the same time, two jobs: The one who hides us last access to the app and see if we are Online Offline.

For now, on WhatsApp (that is, on the app officialnot the trial version), you can hide our last login by going up Settings>Account>Privacy>Last Login. Here we can choose from four options:

  • everybody
  • My contacts
  • My contacts except…
  • no one

Recently, this timeiOS beta appAlso, the option to hide online / offline status appeared. These are the ones in the new section.”Who can see me when I’m online” And choose between:

  • everybody
  • as last access

Incognito mode for WhatsApp: When it arrives

The news of the past few hours, as usual, was reported by the famous site WabetaInfo Specialized in analyzing WhatsApp beta applications, the second setting, which is the setting for who can see them was onlineAlso appeared in the beta app for Android devices.

Graphics of this new section of the application and available options identical For those seen in the iOS beta, indicating the termination of work and next post From the news in the official stable app, which is distributed to All users.

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