Sony patents ‘what if’ playback system in different options –

Sony patents ‘what if’ playback system in different options –

Ideas keep popping up from Sony on me PS5with file patent It was recently discovered that it appears to be referring to a particular game reboot system it is focused on ‘What if’ scenariosthat is, to show the player the consequences of the different choices to be made in the game.

Discovered by OPAttack, the patent in question doesn’t technically explain how this works, but does clarify the basic idea, which is the ability to show the player Possible consequences of different choices It is played at certain times in the game. The system appears to focus primarily on competitive gaming, with the goal of providing advice and support for better results.

The example presented concerns, for example, a game of skating in which the player gets a particularly unsatisfactory result in a half-pipe.

PS5, DualSense

So the system should advise the player what kind of equipment to use, explaining the different performance that can be obtained through this.

The example itself is kinda weird, but by extrapolating the information we can think of some kind of help for the player that could refer to Better options It must be done in terms of preparation and options to achieve maximum results. The system breaks down the restart on the basis of the new data, indicating to the player step by step which choices he should make to achieve the optimum outcome.

Also in this case, we don’t know if the project is actually underway and can therefore come to fruition, but it still demonstrates a certain activity on the part of Sony in terms of design, as we have seen in recent days also with the patent on backwards compatibility for accessories.

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