WhatsApp offers the ability to send images in high resolution

WhatsApp offers the ability to send images in high resolution

It is now possible on WhatsApp to send images in HD quality thanks to the latest update of the app for Android and iOS

with the latest update, WhatsApp Revamped by introducing a highly anticipated feature: messaging app users now have a choice Send photos in HD quality. Compared to “standard” resolution images, high-quality images sent via WhatsApp will be clearer, thanks to a higher resolution and lower compression.

The new feature is Available immediatelyon Android and iPhone. Simply update WhatsApp to the latest version available to “unlock” the button to send images in higher quality. Moreover, in the future, a similar system for video clips will also be implemented.

It is possible to send images in high resolution with WhatsApp

The new version of WhatsApp offers, for all users, the possibility Send photos in high resolution to your contacts. It is a system that allows you to increase the quality of the images exchanged through the messaging application.

Using this new function is very simple: when you send a new photo, in fact, at the top of the interfaceYou can now click on a fileHD option Which is in line with the other options already in place previously.

In this way, the image sent through the application will have a higher resolution and lower compression (therefore, there is no possibility to send images in the original quality). This is a slight change from what was seen in the beta version of the app which indicated this key with a less intuitive gear-shaped icon.

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Moreover, in chats, photos sent in HD quality will be marked with a flag HD badges It is located in the lower left corner. The new feature is already available on Android and iOS devices. Simply update WhatsApp to the latest version available to start sending high quality images through the app.

Thanks to the new system, users can choose from photos in quality standard (For example 900 x 1600 pixels) and pictures in Quality HD (For example 2160 x 3840 pixels). Of course, by choosing to send in HD quality, images sent via WhatsApp will take up more space in the device’s storage memory.

L’default option To send pictures via WhatsApp remains Quality standard. It will be up to the user, from time to time, to choose whether to convert to HD quality or continue using the compression scheme implemented by the application.

In the future also for videos

“HD quality” is coming Even for videos. With one of the upcoming updates, in fact, WhatsApp will introduce the new system for sending multimedia content in HD also for videos and not just for images, as is the case with the last update. However, for now, there is no information regarding the release timing of this new update.

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