Vintage consoles from the 90s: If you still have one of these at home, you have a little treasure

Vintage consoles from the 90s: If you still have one of these at home, you have a little treasure

There are some old consoles from the 90s that, if you still have them at home, could earn you a little treasure: here’s what they are.

games World In recent years it has experienced a crazy acceleration, giving birth to a long line of new consoles that instantly entered the hearts of gamers. Just think of the most recent ones PS5 and Xbox series, but also to the highly acclaimed Nintendo Switch or older peripherals like the old PlayStation or Xbox. All consoles that have managed to attract gamers over time, thanks to exclusive titles and technical specifications of the latest generation.

Retro gaming consoles that are worth more today

As you can imagine, take it History is now more than ten years old, There are some models that have become collectible and stand out today The object of desire of thousands of enthusiasts. So, if you usually keep those things that you no longer use at home, it’s time to dust them off. In fact, there are some Old consoles from the 90s Which today represents a small treasure. If you even have one at home, you can earn an insane amount from it.

Vintage consoles from the ’90s: here are the ones that are worth the most today

Thanks to this handy list, you’ll be able to quickly find out the true values ​​of some of them Old consoles from the 90s Who were the most capable of making history and entering the hearts of enthusiasts. All you need is one to be able to get a small treasure and increase your profits dramatically. Dust off the old stuff in the basement, and that’s it, you’ll have a large sum in your wallet without having to do anything.

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List of retro consoles of the 90s that are worth more from

Let’s start not from a real console, but from a cartridge, any cartridge Mario Kart64. If you still have one at home, you should know that the value of one toy is approx 2000 euros. Which comes if the original packaging is still kept in excellent condition. It still stays true to the Nintendo theme, too Color game boy It is highly sought after. Some models can cost up to 1500 euros.

Then there Nintendo 1 Which was the first console to be mass-produced at reasonable prices. So you might have bought it too, and today collectors are willing to spend it 1000 euros And out to get it. And also Nintendo GameCube And the Sega Dreamcastwhich are two historical gaming peripherals worth respectively 2000 and 1000 euros. We conclude with iconography Nintendo 64, considered by many to be the queen of consoles. If you put it up for sale, make sure you set a price no less than that 2000 euros.

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