Ukraine, Live Coverage – Russian Bombing of Chernihiv: “Dead and Injured”. Lavrov: “No to nuclear war, but deterrence is required”

Ukraine, Live Coverage – Russian Bombing of Chernihiv: “Dead and Injured”.  Lavrov: “No to nuclear war, but deterrence is required”

Borrell: Putin sacrifices his people to survive

Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin “He sacrifices his army and his people to survive.” This is what the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union said Joseph Burrellin an interview withEl PaisBorrell highlighted that the EU aid to Ukraine was “very gradual” but also, at the same time, the Russian president Vladimir put it in “He failed in his attempt at a quick conquest.”

More than 500 children were killed in Ukraine during the war

I at least 502 children who were killed in Ukraine Since the beginning of the Russian military aggression, more than 1,100 have remained wounded. The Kiev Prosecutor General’s Office denounced this, stressing that these are official figures and that the real number of minor victims could be higher.

Russian bombs on Chernihiv: “dead and wounded”

Russian forces bombed the city center Chernihiv, in northern Ukraine. This was reported by the authorities, writes the Kiev Independent, citing the governor Vyacheslav Chaos. There will be dead and wounded. City center Chernihiv Chauss says Russian forces targeted it “most likely with a ballistic missile”.

Kiev Mayor: Explosions in the capital cause fires

Kyiv mayor, Vitali KlitschkoExplosions were reported this morning in the capital near the ring road. Klitschko He explained that the explosions caused fires that the authorities were busy putting out. The mayor added that the source of these explosions is being investigated, which, at the present time, would not have caused any casualties.

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Zelensky in Sweden

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky Went to today Sweden with his wife Olena to meet the Prime Minister Ulf ChristersonAnd the royal family and other senior officials with a view to thanking them for their support a Kyiv After the Russian invasion. “Our main task is to strengthen the Ukrainian warriors on the ground and in the sky, the development of bilateral cooperation, especially in the defense industry, the European integration of Ukraine and common security in the Euro-Atlantic space,” he wrote. Zelensky on Telegram.

Moscow Ukrainian bombs in Donetsk: six dead

The Armed Forces of Ukraine bombed the territory of the unilaterally declared Ukrainian People’s Republic Donetsk And the TASS news agency quoted the pro-Russian authorities, more than 40 times in the past 24 hours, which resulted in six deaths and 11 injuries among civilians.

007 London: “Kiev’s Forces Advance in the South”

“Over the past week, most of the front line has entered Ukraine stayed without change However, in the south, forces Kyiv They continued to advance along the river Makri YaliConquer a village orozinoe, Despite the fierce resistance of the Russians. This is what we read in the update about the course of the conflict, which was carried out by the Mukhabarat British. regarding Russian forces Instead, “the attacks continued in the city area Kubyanskin the area Kharkovbut they did not achieve much success.

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Moscow and Ankara are negotiating a new wheat deal

the Russian and Turkish authorities A new agreement is being negotiated regarding wheat, especially the supply of grain to needy countries in the region Africa. This was reported by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti Citing a source who participated in the negotiations, while German Bild talks about “secret talks” between the Russian president Vladimir put it in and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan Aiming at a new deal on wheat with participation The State of Qatar. There is a plan to export Russian grain to poor countries, especially to Africa. Türkiye will play the role of regulator The State of Qatar That sponsor for supplies,” he writes BuildAccording to which the agreement can already be signed in the coming days in Budapest. Negotiations are underway on our part to deliver Russian food to African countries in need. We have said over and over again that we are ready to do everything we can. During the talks, a number of countries expressed interest in this initiative, and expressed their willingness to help, a source told RIA Novosti.

Lavrov: “No to nuclear war, but deterrence is required”

there Russia She remains “fully committed to the principle that nuclear war is unacceptable,” and believes that “there can be no winners in such a conflict, and therefore it should never be unleashed.” This was stated by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovin an interview reported by the agency tax. It is necessary to prevent any military confrontation between the two countries powers nuclearas she risks turning into one Nuclear confrontation: He stressed that the most important goal now is for every nuclear power to exercise maximum restraint Lavrov. minister Russian foreign He then stated that “the possession of nuclear weapons in the context of deterrence is today the only possible response to some of the significant external threats posed by the West” to state security. Russiastressing that the “development of the situation” around Ukraine confirms the validity of fears He flies in this sector. “there Policy to the state in the field deterrence nuclear – confirmed Lavrov – exclusively defensive and aimed at maintaining the potential of nuclear forces at the minimum level necessary for the guaranteed defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the prevention of aggression against Russia and its allies.

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