WhatsApp Do you know why this icon appears? Unravel the mystery

WhatsApp Do you know why this icon appears?  Unravel the mystery

We use WhatsApp every day, but some of the weird things about the app aren't always obvious to everyone. In the following text we will help you discover why a small icon sometimes appears during a certain action that we perform. Here are all the details about it.

It may seem strange, but WhatsApp – Although used daily – it may introduce small features or icons that are not clear to many. This messaging application is the most popular in the world and in every corner of the planet the vast majority of those who have smartphones have downloaded it.

WhatsApp has greatly simplified communication between people. In fact, it is enough to have a phone and a device Internet connection To communicate with any contact in the address book, but not only.

In fact, conversations can take place privately with one contact, or within groups where several people may be present, even if we don't really know them. Despite these small differences, we would like to emphasize how to do this This app has made everyone's communication experience really convenient Compared to before.

In fact, in the app, you just link your number to create a profile and start chatting. It will be possible to send not only written texts, but also voice notes, photos, videos, emojis and much more. You can also make calls and video calls, send GIFs and documents, and use the app in many other ways.

But what not everyone may know is the exact cause of the disease in some specific cases Small icon Immediately after sending the message. In the following paragraphs, we will shed light on this topic.

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WhatsApp The mystery surrounding this icon: We will reveal it to you

Every time we post something WhatsApp Next to the sent message appears the exact time at which this operation will be performed, but not only that. In fact, some will appear too Ticks Color specifications: gray or blue.

The small icon that appears in WhatsApp in a certain case: Reason (pianetacellore.it)

If it exists One gray mark, it means that the message was sent, but the recipient does not have an active data connection. with Double gray markthe message will have arrived, the connection is active, but it has not been read yet.

there Double blue tickInstead, it indicates that the message arrived and was viewed correctly by the recipient. What does another small symbol mean? For what reasons can it sometimes appear? Here are all the details.


It must have happened to everyone, at least once, to notice someone's presence Small icon with clock, immediately after sending a text message. This is not surprising, but it would point to the fact that The message has not been delivered correctly yet To the recipient.

The reasons are related to one no connection On our devices or to Temporary glitch in the application Owned by Meta. When everything is back to normal, the message will be sent correctly and the code will disappear. Unravel the mystery.

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