For experts it is the best operator in Italy

According to nPerf experts, Vodafone is the best operator in Italy for the fourth year in a row. The Iliad mocked the future of “The Bride”.

The rise of the Iliad into the mobile world was no accident. The targeted investment strategy and smart promotional activity have taken the French operator to very high levels in a very short time.

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However, it seems there is still a long way to go. And perhaps it is no coincidence that the Parisian company has set its sights on Vodafone Italy, so much so that it has apparently drafted a formal takeover offer. A marriage between giants That would create a giant group in the telecom sector, with real firepower in terms of customers and revenue due to different offerings. The horse intended to pull the group, forcing the other operators to chase. A strategy devised by Iliad to actually tell the truth during the summer months, put in the right promotions and solve the atavistic problem of restricted promotion.

According to nPerf experts, the French operator will not yet be the best in terms of balanced performance between costs and service standards. In fact, Vodafone was referred to For the fourth year in a row The best company in Italy regarding mobile phones. Conversely, for browsing using mobile devices. The result is drawn from an analysis of data from more than 580,000 speed tests conducted during 2021, comparing all four major providers in the industry. In addition to Vodafone and the Iliad, the group also included Wind and Tim. In the end, the narrow rating saw the British multinational in first place, followed by WindTre, Tim and finally Iliad.

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The Iliad is in Kodakun’s goal to show: What’s going on

Because according to Vodafone experts is better than the Iliad

The fourth place for Iliad, in terms of points, is quite clear: Vodafone closed with a score of 77,052 points, while Transalpine closed with 58,929 points (WindTre and Tim, respectively, 68,412 and 65,996 points). At the base of the score, a series of factors of equal importance, which are considered crucial by the customers themselves for the purposes of the service. for example , Download speed is part of the evaluation But also network technologies, from 2G to the new 5G. The winning crossover of all components tipped the scales on Vodafone’s side, and thus it is considered the best company on all fronts except for latency, and is overtaken by Tim in terms of reactivity (41.12 ms vs 42, 70). Insignificant difference does not in any way affect the final result or operator confirmation.

Vodafone Italy, Iliad takes the step: the future (maybe) speaks French

According to nPerf, the improvements made over the years should also count for Vodafone. The same factor that gave WindTre second place in the ranking. In fact, the two operators will be the most important in updating their service standards compared to the previous evaluation. In this sense, the British operator got 10,000 points, while WindTre got 8,000. in all this, The Iliad would have lost her ground greatlyDespite the amazing advantage + 41% in terms of download speed. This is +13 megabits / sec. Another comparison could have been made on the navigation speed at the most likely moments and in the top five most popular sites. Best of all, WindTre, it was he who improved his position the most: from fourth to second. But Vodafone is still number one here too.

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