Tips for making longer jumps shared by experienced players –

Tips for making longer jumps shared by experienced players –

elden ring Offers a renewed mechanic compared to Dark Souls and Bloodborne: the jump associated with a custom key. Now, more experienced players have collected a variety of Tips for making longer and more accurate jumps.

One of the first suggestions, shared via Reddit sub-sub Elden Ring, is from Press and hold the Power key (Circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox) During the entire jump animation and also after hitting the ground. This will allow you to slightly increase the jump distance and thus be able to perform more complex jumps with greater safety. Also, keeping the analog stick tilted in the direction of the jump helps to gain a few extra inches.

Another tip, certainly known to those who have played a game like Miyazaki spirits for a long time, is Tap the wall to build up speed And make sure you’re in sprinting mode before making the jump: this “technique” is necessary for small platforms that don’t allow you to run. Anyway, according to Elden Ring players, the sprint jump can be activated virtually and is stationary, unlike Dark Souls where the lack of a dedicated jump button requires you to take more runs.

Jumping into Elden Circuit is always a risk, remember

Finally, it was explained If you jump right away And while you’re in the air, you press the Elden Ring’s shutter button, and upon landing the character will immediately start running. But if you don’t jump, you know, you’ll take a step back. This technique is also useful for smaller platforms, especially if they don’t have a wall to use to safely increase speed. However, it has been specified that you still have to wait a moment before activating the second jump, or else the Elden Ring will not consider it as a quick jump.

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Of course, the Elden Ring platform requires some practice, even after reviewing these tips. Tell us, Do you have problems with Elden Ring jumps?

Finally, we point out that the Elden Ring was completed in 3 hours without damage: this is the work of a video broadcaster.

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