Colau supports South Africa against Israel: “Stop genocide in Gaza”

Colau supports South Africa against Israel: “Stop genocide in Gaza”
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to'Former mayor There is a cola It once again highlighted its solidarity with Palestine. Barcelona's joint leader supported this on Thursday complaint What South Africa It was submitted to international justice Court (His) contra Israel for every “Committing genocide” in Gaza. Colao traveled to The Hague (Netherlands), where the International Court is based, and demanded compensation Gaza ceasefire and “stopping genocide” against the Palestinian population.

Ada Colau appeared at the gates of the court, accompanied by South African ministers Ronald Lamola and Zain DangorAs well as the British parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn,French Jean-Luc MélenchonBelgian Peter Mertens And Sumer's representative, Gerardo Pisarello. “We defend human rights, Palestine and humanity.”said the former mayor who thanked South Africa for this initiative and carried it out I asked the Spanish government to join.

Colao noted that in November Plenary session of Barcelona City Council He agreed Suspension of relations with the government of Israel Temporarily until a final ceasefire is reached in the Gaza Strip. The Commons Initiative was supported by the Planetarium Science Council and the Equity and Reconciliation Council, while the other groups voted against it. Resolution A was received Condemnation of the Israeli embassy In Spain, while Palestinian society In Catalonia Celebrate it.

he international justice Court It was created in 1945 by Settlement of disputes between countries. The decisions it makes are legally binding, even though there is no way to enforce the rulings. South Africa's complaint is expected to be decided in the coming weeks. This Thursday listen to The plaintiff state's arguments I Friday will be Israel's turn To defend himself against accusations of genocide.

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