Developers explain why –

Developers explain why –

Elite Sniper 5 Not published, in the PC version, onEpic Games Store, but it made it to Steam and the Windows Store. Now, the developers have apologized and explained what is happening.

This rebellion was released Advertising To VGC: “Due to circumstances beyond our control, Sniper Elite 5 was not released to the Epic Store at launch, but will be released on that platform in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.” In fact, at the moment, the Sniper Elite 5 is rated “Coming Soon”, but there is no exact date.

Elite Sniper 5

If you play a file Pre-order Through the Epic Games Store, you should get compensation. If not, please Ask for help at this address. This is stated on the Sniper Elite 5 support site.

Finally, we leave you to our review, in which we state that “Sniper Elite 5 is probably the best episode of the Rebellion series, but five years into the previous chapter it was a project to expect more substantial improvements compared to a couple of ziplines., chrome climbing capability, and recharge Active and skill enhancement.The formula is in fact the same as always, but the problems of playing with firearms remained in addition to the problem of distance and the marked wooden formation of movements and character interactions, which betrays the archaic nature of a technical sector unable to compete with what the market offers at the moment “.

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