Jerry Scotty fell on the studio table: The Living Disease – Democrat

Jerry Scotty fell on the studio table: The Living Disease – Democrat

Jerry Scotty and the illness that happened on broadcast and worried fans: Here’s what happened, the details

One of the presenters who has always shown his great professionalism and talent in all the programs he has done and which is now a cult of Italian TV in recent times is heJerry Scotty. For many viewers, he is the heir to Mike Bongiorno for his simplicity and stubbornness to perform many successful TV auditions such as Word of Mouth, Free Fall, The Wall and Guiness of Records. Unfortunately, the protagonist was in a horrific episode.

Curiosity (web image)

A man who has always shown his competence and knowledge in the world of entertainment and has done so many times on different occasions. The man begins to take his first steps in the world of entertainment in some multi-successful radio programs such as Milano2 outback radio, Passes in the late seventies a Radio Milan International Where he took care of a column entitled TheFlea market and staples.

Claudio Sechetto thought of discovering the true talent of man, which he proposed to become Radio deejay’s first sound, Convince him to turn down a big offer abroad. The guy admitted in an interview how he told his parents that he wanted to work in the entertainment world, admitting: “I was getting a great salary, many benefits, even a paid dentist. So when I said at home that I wanted to give myself up for the show, my mom almost hugged me.”

Like many artists and celebrities, aEven Jerry Scotty suffered from the Covid-19 drama firsthand, Century disease that still exists today in the world and in Italy. He recounted his experience and did not stop thanking the doctors and nurses who helped him overcome that difficult and dramatic moment in life.

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The conductor of the orchestra was recently the protagonist of a rather sad episode that shocked people on the web.

Orchestra Conductor Illness: This Is What Happened

During an episode of Striscia la Notizia, Jerry Scotty fell ill and collapsed on the table. Many were concerned but we explain in detail what happened.

While the air stops, the The wizard wriggles and crumbles on the bacon for a short, painful cramp, either in the leg or in the crotch bar.

ge fall
Exciting moment (web image)

Jerry has taken care of himself to relieve the resulting tension who made a sarcastic joke to his colleague Manzini.

Everything is fine if it ends well.

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