“I was broke, and I felt defeated. But with Tedua and Sfera we did it »- Corriere.it

“I was broke, and I felt defeated.  But with Tedua and Sfera we did it »- Corriere.it
From Renato Franco

Mirko Martorana, 28, from dishwasher to record-breaking rapper: “I tend to be a bit naive. Gossip? It is also useful

When I was eighteen I was lost, looking at the world with the wrong eyesI always thought that life was angry with me because of the little economic possibilities we had, I was angry, I saw that black everywhere.”

Successful “smash”. Digitalinverting syllables from the first name of Mirco Martoranastarted from The popular Calverate area: dishwasher, construction worker, day waiter; Rapper while he stayed. hiking. taxi driver It is the best-selling album of 2021 and the first half of this year. Now he’s on tour, he’ll be The tenth factor judgePrime Video hired him celebrity chase. Social revenge for putting your signature on it.

At the age of 18 – a mistake – I left school without graduating And I immediately went to work. Memories of those days are still beautiful, the effort was not a burden. And then I was not alone in believing in this abstract dream of music, I was in the company of young adventurers like myself, I was with Tidwa – We were also roommates – and a ball. My regret wasn’t a great deal of knowledge, I tend to be gullible, but at least in one thing I was clever: I knew you had to work until you felt free to say, “Mom, I want to play music.”. Because it is important to dream but also to be realistic; I had to work and pay the rent to be able to sing; After three years, the three of us made it.”

When did you stop being angry at the world?

“The turning point, even before the music, came with Muay Thai, Muay Thai. I met Giacomo, who does not want to be called a teacher, but a person with a similar past to mine who has found a reason in his life thanks to this not only physical discipline but also very contemplative. I saw him in peace, he gave me strength and confidence, since I changed my view the world view has changed and things are starting to get better.”

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He is now a “contributor” to the “social gym” in which he grew up.

“I like to give back what I got, the prices are crazy in a good way, 70 euros for three months. The next target is litigation on the basis of income ».

Can success become an obsession?

“When you’re flying, you can just get off, but I put my feet on the ground, and I know it’s important not to get attached to things, whether they are things or outcomes. Now I do a lot of live performances, it is difficult to maintain a balance between the adrenaline in the theater and the boredom of the hotel: when the heat of the audience is over, I have to fight the post-concert depression ».

What are your favorite themes for your music photos?

“My albums are mainly about relationships, whether they are permanent or not. Aside from the first album, where I was so angry at the world, in my songs there is always a woman: love or flight from love is frequent, and relationships when they end by their nature are always conflicting, there is Always someone’s wrong, there’s always an idiot, and that’s usually me. I comment a lot on the female presence I meet, and I think it’s because I’ve always been among the women only. My mother has five sisters (and a brother) and raised my brother and I alone; in turn, my grandmother – and she’s a self-made one – raising all these kids alone. I’ve always had a strong woman legend and in my relationships, about love or friendship, I’m looking for that kind of woman.”

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What did your mother teach you?

“A lot of things, starting with the value of money, must be taken care of as to how it is used. It has taught me that there is no man and woman in the family, and each is part of a female and a man and we must let these two spirits coexist.”

The value of money is important, but now some luxury will be given …

“I also lived the first years of success in a stupid way, maybe it was true, but I wasted a little money: clothes, travel, entertainment, nonsense. Now I have bought a house, I have my car, I am careful about how I manage the money, even in this case there is my mother Which brings me back to order.”

And where was my father?

“He was not ready to have a child, I am not angry with him because he did not exist in my life, I have never met him, I only know that he lives in Milan. When I was 18 I had a passion to meet him but then I did not go that far » .

In his words he also speaks of resilience…

“It was important to discover the existence of this word: the possibility to rebuild oneself, to rise again, is the story of everyone’s life, regardless of economic convenience or not. Everyone encounters “destroying themselves” for a relationship, for a change, for the sake of work ».

He invites you at his parties to leave your mobile phone in your pocket…

“But they don’t listen to me much…I understand making a video, I do it first at the parties I go to watch. But if you stay with your mobile phone all the time missing important sensations, one thing is to look with your own eyes and the other through the screen. One day, I’d like to turn my concerts into a kind of escape room: pick up the phones, give the audience some torches, and give them a semi-paranormal experience.”

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You will be a judge on the X Factor, for those who share the talent, you are a legend, what are your legends?

“Ordinary people, those who jump through hoops to smile. For me, my mom is a legend, or my “teacher” Giacomo who works 8 hours at the airport and performs 6 hours in the gym training the boys.”

With popularity comes gossip: Dagospeia writes that after breaking up with her, Paola di Benedetto got engaged to Blanco.

“I don’t know anything about Blanco and Paola…the chatter doesn’t bother me too much, if there’s anything that makes you understand whether or not certain relationships are important, it makes you think about whether or not it’s worth it to photograph it with a woman or not” .

What is the Sanremo Festival like?

“In my first concert, I anxiously lived the idea of ​​going up on the stage, fighting my demons, until I was happy with myself on the stage. But Sanremo, bam, it was a big hit: you have a song there, you don’t have time to warm up, it’s all now, so far the first song of the lineup at my concert is unsettling, I have a lot of breath, but when I get on stage the anxiety takes my voice away. I will always work like this, but Sanremo reminded me of the need to work in this aspect.”

The result – 17th place – was not great …

“Actually I wanted to finish last where Tananai Vasco cheated on me.”

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