F1 Nuova Racing Bulls VCARB01 Like Red Bull: angry rivals

Faenza's new VCARB01 incorporates technical solutions all taken from its championship-dominant big sister. The artistic exchange worries and does not satisfy the rest of the field

Definition of new Bull racing RPV Carb 01 And cloning from Red Bull RB19 It certainly sounds reductive. Meaning that the Faenza team's single seat is not just the same It includes practically all the features From the 2023 world champion car, but even It takes concepts to the extreme It integrates elements that appear in other individual seats. Undoubtedly, the VCARB01 starts from the RB19 concept in terms of suspension with the front pull rod and rear multi-link push rod, connected to the gearbox also inherited from the car from Milton Keynes.


The sides of the Racing Bulls 2024 are characterized by very low dimensions, as well as small openings for cooling the power unit. This was possible thanks to the extremely small size of the engine package, which effectively allowed minimal inclination of the radiators located at the top of the sides. In this way, the channel section under the sides was maximized, effectively exploiting the anti-intrusion cones and giving them the function of small barge panels integrated into the bottom of the vehicle. The upper profile of the sides is clearly as sloping as on the RB19, but it also incorporates the upper channel characteristic in 2023 of Aston Martin and Alpine.

Back section

The rear part of the bodywork is very narrow, effectively wrapping around the gearbox, which distinguishes the entire mechanical part of the rear axle. The shape of the nose is interesting, ending at the height of the leading edge of the front wing, but above all it highlights the hollow lower part that connects to the lower profile of the body in the form of a keel. The details of this car are very refined, indicating the typical sponsorship of a senior team rather than a junior team. The Red Bull Group's ambition, to increase the level of competitiveness of the Faenza Team's single-seaters, is very clear, which also allows one to imagine how much more extreme the RB20 could be in its concepts, starting with the very high level of aerodynamic study of the VCARB01.

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Common strategy

In essence, it seems reasonable to believe that Two single seats poggeranno su Conceptual foundations that can be fully integrated with each otherThis encourages continued development across both vehicles. It's a strategy that is unlikely to be well received by rival teams, seeing a rejuvenated Faenza side in the role of a dangerous partner on the path to an already dominant Milton Keynes side.

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