The new high-tech e-bike revolutionizes the sector: combining power and innovation

The new high-tech e-bike revolutionizes the sector: combining power and innovation

A tech-packed e-bike is coming to the market. Loads of power and innovation with the ambition to revolutionize the sector.

One of the important data appeared in a recent study conducted by the international management consulting firm McKinsey. From now until 2035, the trading volume E-bikes It will even increase five times compared to the current value, and this is driven by the growing interest in this type of mobility.

This e-bike is truly revolutionary –

It is precisely because of this general interest in sustainable mobility that many companies from other sectors are moving towards building battery-powered two- and four-wheeled vehicles. Among them are: well known brand A reference for drones, action cameras and gimbals.

The brand in question is Chinese. DJI Which, as explained by director Christina Zhang, now wants to establish itself in new areas, thanks to its extensive experience in batteries and robotic systems. That is why DJI made its debut in the electric mountain bike sector with a model Amflo Bell Which is impressive for a motor that is capable of delivering up to 1000 watts of power and a maximum torque of 150 Nm.

Amflow PL, Electric Mountain Bike Features

To enrich the Amflow PL, there is a gearbox inserted on the planetary axis using polymer gears. Thanks to the algorithm Smart AssistanceThe device automatically adjusts the level of assistance based on the resistance on the pedals. In this regard, four travel modes are offered: Auto, Eco, Turbo and Trail. When you need a little extra push, there is the possibility of activating the boost.

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The Amflow PL features a mountain bike
Amflow PL, the innovative electric mountain bike (DJI) –

As for the Drums, Two options are available, 600 and 800 kWh; the more powerful one, which uses GaN fast charging technology, is able to guarantee a transition from 0 to 75% power in just 1.5 hours.

There is obviously no shortage of other technological features. 2 inch OLED display Connects to your phone, able to record and share ride data and adjust assist parameters. There are also two Bluetooth-connected remote controls to avoid a lot of cables around the handlebars.

The first pedal-assisted mountain bike equipped with the DJI Avinox system thanks to a carbon fiber frame, It weighs only 19.2 kg. The rear wheels can be 25.7 or 29 inches. Pricing has not been revealed yet.

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