If you have an old 50 lira from 1996, you’re rich: Here’s what

If you have an old 50 lira from 1996, you’re rich: Here’s what

between the old lira the most beautifulWe certainly find the specimen we’re talking about today. 50 lira specie From 1996 to 1999 It is the one called currency “Italy with towers”It is a coin full of details and representations; So let’s not waste time chatting and let’s go straight to the analysis Features.

50 Italian Lire Torretta 1996

This coin has the classics on the front A woman’s head as an allegory for Italy which, in this case, has several towers on top of the cape, hence the name turreted. The reverse of the subject, on this coin, is covered with turban who leaves him Several tangled strands of hair represents a form DNA, as if to emphasize the origins of the Italian people. Around the woman, divided into two parts placed in front and behind the face, there is an inscription The Italian Republic. After the second word, moreover, it is located below Five-pointed star and author’s signature Laura Cretara, the first woman in the world to play such a role.

Unlike with a coin, the story gets more complicated, it is Full of details that make up her beauty. Let’s see which ones. First, in the center, large, we find No. 50 It occupies a large part of the space. Below is the inscription LIRE, while above, The thousandth of a mint. Then there are gods everywhere Symbols represent many ancient symbols lira before this; there Oak branch From 20 lira from Laurel From 100 lire with Minerva, Galore To indicate 1 lira, sprocket From 200 lire and grapes Grapes 5 liras.

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This coin circulated, although it was only minted for 3 years as the euro came into use shortly thereafter, She is very tall And it is not difficult to find. on me ebayHowever, you will be able to keep an eye on some of these currencies with sq errors It reaches crazy numbers like 2,000 euros or more.

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