Concern for Maria de Felipe: “She needs help”

Concern for Maria de Felipe: “She needs help”

two weeks out vanishement to Maurice Costanzo – He passed away on February 24 at the age of 84 – We still think of the emptiness that the journalist left in the world of Italian television, but also of the pain of the people closest to him, his wife Maria Devilipi In the first class. The presenter returned to lead her programs friendsAnd men and women And You’ve got mail, was restarted on Canale 5 with the recordings after Mourning’s “hiatus”; Great proof of professionalism, but also an “enforcer,” as he puts it George Asoma. Attorney W best friend By Maurizio Costanzo He actually gave a short interview to the weekly new Where he returned to talk about the disappearance of Mosul and the situation of his family, declaring himself.anxietyFor Maria de Felipe.

Giorgio Asuma talks about Maria De Felipe

“The person who worries me is Maria de Felipe. Behind the obvious detachment hides deep emotions, as I understood when I saw her suffer the loss of her parents.”

George Asomalawyer and friend of the late Maurizio Costanzo, is a guest at sunday in immediately after the death of the journalist. Already on the occasion of this choral tribute, the lawyer joined the choir proximity towards Maria Devilipi (“After these memories we should all be close to Maria who I think is really lonely”). During the short interview given to the weekly new So Asuma returned to the topic, identifying himself, just over a week later, as “concerned” about Costanzo’s wife.

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“He can always count on the support of his son Gabriel and his executor, but he will need a lot of love from us friends to fill the void he feels as much as possible.”

Thus, the lawyer renewed his call for respect Situation By Maria de Felipe, returned with great professionalism to a job But – understandably – still at the mercy of events and shaken by the past few weeks. Recently, in an interview with Corriere della SeraWho did, Asuma said he meets Lieutenant-Colonel and Maurizio Costanzo in Venice, and also received an A.S Thanksgiving Special from a friend (“Thank you, I found the woman of my dreams, the one whose eyes I would like to look when I leave”).

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