What is the double arrow icon in WhatsApp that appears in some chats?

What is the double arrow icon in WhatsApp that appears in some chats?

What is for'icon With the Double arrow View on WhatsAppbut who can everyone still see?

Soon this symbol will be added in several places within one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, so it is necessary to understand it meaning And what are the changes to use WhatsApp.

Some users can already see this icon next to content shared within the chat. So, this is what it means and, above all, its purpose.

Double arrow symbol in WhatsApp: what is it and what does it mean?

to'Double arrow symbol (Where it appears Two arrows pointing to the right) used in Forward the message Quickly, without having to navigate other menus. Simply put, when you click the button, you go directly to the screen where you can choose who or where you want to share it with.

Double arrow icon in WhatsApp

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This icon does not appear in all messages in the chat, however Only on contents Shared with them. So it's not present in regular text messages, nor next to emojis or emojis.

The symbol appears next to Images, links with preview, GIFs, locations and contacts and similar items. These are, in fact, the contents that are shared the most, which is why WhatsApp created this option to speed up the process.

On the iPhone, the button looks different, it doesn't have a double arrow but just a single arrow, although it serves the same purpose.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is experimenting with changing the position of this button, which could also appear in the beta version of the app at the bottom next to the more popular blue ticks. The meaning and purpose is the same, but it takes up less space. However, it may be a long time before this additional change reaches all our smartphones.

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