Awards and achievements have ruined video games, for developer Ubisoft –

Awards and achievements have ruined video games, for developer Ubisoft –

Tweet posted Frederick ThelanderUbisoft Massive developer who somewhat criticized him Awards and achievements Inside Video Games for its perversions and effects Negatives that they may have in the use of these.

Many users re-posted Thelander’s opinion on Twitter, and also found many supporters of the same point of view. “Unpopular opinion: unlockable achievements and trophies were bad for video games,” the developer wrote. Minimize the use of games, Annoying and distracting And they take up resources that could be invested in improving the games.”

Thylander is a game development expert: before joining Ubisoft Massive where he worked on The Division 1 and 2, he was for several years at DICE, where he was responsible for the design of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and Mirror’s Edge, among other projects. Therefore, your voice is an authoritative voice in the field of development.

Oddly enough, Mirror’s Edge is also a game that exploits objectives in a way that’s entirely consistent with video game optimization, perhaps drawing specifically on Thylander’s influence, but has a certain bearing in noting that some insiders probably don’t. I loved this feature which, over the years, has become so highly regarded by the public, it almost turned into a craze for many.

Indeed, compulsive attachment to rewards and goals demonstrates that Thelander’s vision may be shared, should these features be diverted to use in a negative way, though their very existence does not now seem destined to be questioned.

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