What is Notam, the information system for pilots in distress in the USA – Corriere.it

What is Notam, the information system for pilots in distress in the USA – Corriere.it
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Born as a “Notice to Sailors,” it is an essential tool for any kind of voyage. Its purpose is to warn pilots of all dangers. In 2017 it was changed after a near tragedy in San Francisco

An entire country, the United States, is down. For a computer system: Notame. But what is notam? Meanwhile, the means
to From the abbreviation: originally Note to AirMen, or “Notice to Pilots”. Term leading to aviation pioneers: In fact, notice to sailors. Today, as technology advances, so does the economy: “Notes for Air Missions”Air mission alerts. But what hasn’t changed is the value of the tool. which is key: Indeed, “Notham” is intended to warn pilots of all dangers, from snow to volcanic ash, to the presence of birds near the airport. It also provides valuable information about closed runways or temporary air restrictions. NOTAM is ultimately one of the FIS’ supply publications.

In Italy or civil “notame” divided into 5 classes or seriesdepending on the subject. We quote from the specialized portal Aviation office.

league: organization, structure and adjustment of airspace, general rules, radio aids, radio communications en route, obstacles to navigation in en route above 100m AGL on land and above 45m on water, news relating to the most important aerodromes;

b series: Topics not covered in Series A and W and news related to other airports used in the devices;

Series C: National rules and small airport news are open to VFR traffic only;

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W Series: Events that could endanger navigation (shooting, military exercises, parachute landings, search and rescue activity, fireworks, etc…);

S Series: Information regarding snow, ice, ice or water in the maneuvering area.

But how is the information transmitted to the pilots? The first line of NOTAM is to identify the message by sequence, number and possible references to other NOTAM. The second line, labeled “Qualifier” (Q), is divided into eight fields separated by the “/” symbol. Finally, another field hosts the text message in English in which ICAO aviation abbreviations are also used. [vedi acronimi e abbreviazioni].

Over the years the system has evolved and simplifiedThanks to the efforts of the United Nations Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). One of the recent changes occurred in July 2017, after A.J Impending tragedy at San Francisco airport. What happened? An Air Canada plane landed on the wrong runway, colliding with four other planes. Notham ended up with a notice to close a runway on page eight of a 27-page briefing.. And the pilots missed it. The crash and information overload changed the way the system worked.

which remains an essential and indispensable protector for any type of flight.

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