Borsa Italiana, suspension of January 11, 2023 hearing

Borsa Italiana, suspension of January 11, 2023 hearing

Stocks fluctuate in the banking sector: the rise of Monte dei Paschi di Siena stands out, while UniCredit loses one and a half percentage points

The main indices of the Italiana Stock Exchange and the main European financial centres Consolidation in positive territory.

at 15.20 FTSEMib It rose 0.75% to 25,555 points, just below the intraday high of 25,557 points. At the same time FTSE Italia All Share It was up 0.72%. plus sign for file Medium hat from FTSE Italia (+ 0.45%) and l Star of FTSE Italy (+0.61%).

the Bitcoins It fluctuates around 17,500 dollars (more than 16,000 euros).

the BTP-Bund spread It shrank to 185 pips, with the 10-year BTP yield dropping to less than 4.1%.

L’euro It is confirmed at $1,075.

Stocks fluctuated in the banking sector: rise of Monte dei Paschi di Siena (+0.42%).

UniCredit loses one and a half percentage points (-1.53% to €14.374). The foundation led by Andrea Urcel has issued a senior bond of €1 billion with a maturity of 6 years and the possibility of early repayment (call) after 5 years, obtaining an order of more than €2.85 billion. The initially reported level was adjusted to the market about 220 basis points above the 5-year average swap rate and was set at 190 basis points. Thus, the annual coupon is set at 4.8%, with an issue/re-offer price of 99.813%.

The important signals are the oil sector stocksAfter the price of crude oil in New York (contract expires in February 2023) jumped to $77 per barrel.

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Where is it? It recovers 1.63% to 14.202 euros.

Also positive performance Tenaris (+2.11%) while Saipem loses 3.49%.

The Saes Getters trend remains positive in the STAR segmentAfter the strong rise achieved in the previous two sessions. the ordinary shares rose 1.09% to 32.55 euros, while i savings bonds They earn 2.42% for 25.4 euros. Some investment banks revised the company’s price target upward, following the binding agreement with the US company Resonetics to sell the nitinol business.

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