More than half a thousand demonstrators against the demolition of Obrera: “We will return to Sabadell”

More than half a thousand demonstrators against the demolition of Obrera: “We will return to Sabadell”

More than half a thousand people have it Transfigured This Wednesday afternoon The streets of Sabadell To protest for Demolition of the Lobrera building. To shouts “The worker stays in the neighborhood.” Declarations against the mayor of Sabadell, Marta Varez, against the Mossos family and against the ownership of the property, More than half a thousand People gathered to charge against the demolition. “In 2015, this was an abandoned place, a rat den. We occupied it and gave it life, and today it is a ruined building.” Labor Party members lamented in their statement. “They razed the neighborhood house,” explains Artur, a member of the community center.

The demonstrators traveled along the central axis from the entity’s headquarters to the gates of the City Hall, accompanied by five Mosos de Escodra trucks and municipal police officers, among statements against the mayor’s administration. “It made it easier for them to kick us out,” they said. They asked for Mass resignation of the municipal governmentEspecially from Varys, they confirmed that they would not remain “idle-handed” after the setback that occurred in the past few hours.

In fact, members of the organization have confirmed that they will soon occupy another space following the abrupt end of the building on Avinguda de Barbera Street. Upon his arrival at city hall, Protesters left the ruins of the Lubrera demolition In front of the door of the council building, they drew on the ground the promise “We will return” and pasted posters against Farris, while throwing firecrackers and torches.

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According to the entity’s data, they have been registered for this academic year 94 people to learn Catalan, Spanish or other languagesS, carrying out school reinforcement, work, or foreign orientation. Also in The Rukeli gym was attended by 200 people To practice sports such as martial arts and others. They expressed, “We did everything for free, to carry out entertainment, sports, cultural and humanitarian activities.” Dance lessons were held there Free reading groups, talks and concerts.

They stressed that some projects “will not be left hanging.” Obrera spokespeople confirm that the project is not located with the building and they have found space to be able to continue teaching classes until they find a new space to “rebirth” Obrera. “We will not let you down,” he promised Labor members. In this sense, during yesterday's gathering, a call was made to collectively form a new project to give continuity to the projects started in the already demolished L'Obrera building and it was put together in a new meeting open to the public in Tallaret to be able to put forward what the new project would be and how to build it.

Demonstration to demolish L'Obrera | Aina Torres

Demonstration to demolish Lubrera | Aina Torres

They evacuated and demolished L'Obrera permanently

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