Refrigerator not cooling and making strange noises: There are two problems

Refrigerator not cooling and making strange noises: There are two problems

Refrigerator not cooling is a serious problem in summer especially if you hear strange noises. What depends on it and what to do.

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The The refrigerator is not cooling? Maybe you also noticed strange noises and can’t keep the temperature cool inside? To prevent food spoilage, it is important to understand its causes.

What could the problems be? In general, there are two situations that can cause this refrigerator disaster. The first is that The refrigerator is not cooling Because there is a capacitor error.

These are the tubes behind the appliance that are necessary to pass from the hot air outside to the cold air inside. The capacitor can burn out due to electrical overload, so it will not work.

The refrigerator is noisy and not cooling: what happened and how to fix it now

The refrigerator is not cooling, it makes noisy
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There are several reasons for this phenomenon. For example, you may have set your refrigerator to too low for too long. In general, the correct temperature is 4 to 6 degrees. The thermostat is usually located on the right side on the top shelf.

You can check what temperature the refrigerator should be at. Given the point at which it is located, the capacitor can be full of dust, and therefore is putting in more effort and not working properly.

That’s why you hear annoying noises and don’t know how to do it. The simplest solution is to clean it regularly, but if the condensate is gone, first change the refrigerator directly, possibly with a low-power one.

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Another problem The refrigerator is not cooling It could be a thermostat. As we said, this is critical to adjusting the temperature. The problem is that it can break from the inside and the failure can be almost invisible.

If it does not work, then the refrigerator will not maintain the temperature. On the other hand, the noise depends on the jammed piece that broke, or on the fact that ice has formed in the turbine that serves to maintain the cold temperature in the device.

In these cases, an expert should be called to disassemble the thermostat and replace the faulty part. Once the temperature returns to what it was before, it will be easier for the refrigerator to remove any ice that has formed.

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In general, good maintenance of the refrigerator avoids these problems and ensures excellent operation even in the summer.

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