What happened before the disappearance of Yelenia

What happened before the disappearance of Yelenia

Al Bano Carisi vent in an interview with from. “I own Half of the family. Spiritually, it’s whole, but it’s also divided because my children are scattered all over the world. Cellino’s house is often empty.” The distance weighs on the singer and video calls are not enough for him: “It’s not the family, the one who has capital. I guess that’s my only regret. Family is something I have always cared about and instead…” says Al Bano not without anguish and regret.

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After all, in his life, in addition to contentment and great joy, there is also a lot of suffering. The singer from Cellino San Marco, for example, also spoke about when The father lost his sight Because of an operation that went wrong: “Only once I saw him cry. Because of a wrong operation they took his sight. Don Carmelo collapsed.” Al Bano then said his father felt like a “useless man” precisely because without his sight he had to depend on others and could not see his grandchildren grow up.

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When my father became blind I felt something was changing. The singer added, “It sounded like a message to me. If the great patriarch were to lose his sight, I thought, something dangerous is about to happen, And he should not see him.” In fact, after this drama, his daughter disappeared Yelenya and the end of his marriage to Romina Power.

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