What elegance

What elegance

There are patterns that distinguish people. Elegance goes beyond dresses to reveal the personality of the wearer, because one does not always determine the other, although it helps and abets. It doesn't take long to prove that either. Actors and actresses committed to the task of emulating other bodies and other lives while concealing their own bodies and the lives of others for the benefit of the play and their characters know this all too well. However, in this group also, as in society as a whole, the way of behaving determines marked differences. Even without saying anything, because knowing how to be is an art in itself, and although it is studied, it is not always learned. There is a sixth sense, which, for those who possess it, does not serve reasons other than their own, and it develops according to unregulated laws.

Marisa Paredes knew this when she was a child. Humble origin and hardship in the post-war period served as an incentive for María Luisa Paredes Bartolomé (Madrid, April 3, 1946) to emulate those who marked social differences, leading her to rebel by behaving in the same way without making concessions. betray anything or anyone. Quite the opposite, proving what one (or one) can end up being when they set out to confront the hostile world, stand up to it, and ask at the top of their lungs: What's going on? And I answer with pride: I can too. And there they have it. From that youthful initiative to the general recognition of an audience that continues to reward more unreservedly than those who place ideological doubt before artistic intensity. The situation that Marissa says, all said in passing, worries her a little and concerns her less.

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From a very early age

Her launch at a very young age into the world of acting helped her in what was presented as delusion. He learned about all his characters from his colleagues and about all their works thanks to his interest in authors. Not being able to study at university as she wished would not have defined her either. Another stimulus to intellectual struggle was formulated by the classicists who went on stage with them or shared black-and-white television sets. And then cinema, which although it made its artistic debut at the age of fourteen, lived before and after when Pedro Almodóvar knocked on his door.

Perhaps it was the director Almanchik who knew best how to show the divine ability that suits Paredes so well and suits the character of the actress who next week will add another year to her long and famous career who made her smoke again because she could not understand Becky from Far Heels without the gesture of holding a cigarette in between. Her fingers and smoke obscured her view. And who was forced to keep the distorted hair that he wore due to the requirements of the Mexican script when he landed again in Madrid to give himself another profile that would expose his career to no limits.

Against Ayuso

Marisa Paredes' style is so absorbing that when she went to the funeral home to say goodbye to Concha Velasco and learned that President Isabel Díaz Ayuso was there, she could not contain her anger and demanded that she leave, declaring ¡Sesblau! Typical of any of her roles as an elegant lady.

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Coco Chanel said: Simplicity is the key to true elegance.

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