“Ambra Angiolini is still in our house, crazy, she’s rude!”

“Ambra Angiolini is still in our house, crazy, she’s rude!”

Despite the media hype Ambra Angiolini He still lives in a Milan apartment Giampaolo Pazzini. This was announced by the wife of the former football player, who was the first to bring this uncomfortable situation to the surface. on instagram Silvia SlateI have shared a post with the presenter’s final words spoken during the X Factor press conference. Ambra said she was very sorry that Minister Bernini was forced to remove this video of her historic song ‘T’appartengo’ from her Instagram Stories. Then he revealed: “If I had hired lawyers as a child, now with management I can buy houses.”

Recent Excavations by Silvia Sletti

The phrase that apparently unleashed on Lady Bazini: “Silent. It was better, so he probably wasn’t staying in our house.”. In a later story he explained the plot of the event: “Yes, it’s still in our house. Yes, it’s a crazy situation. Yes, it’s the truth. And yes, no shame.” Ambra Angiolini has not commented on this, only saying that her lawyers are working for her. In the TV show Fuori dal coro, Mario Giordano showed eviction document where is she The name appears Massimiliano Allegri, Ambra Angiolini’s ex-boyfriend and owner of the lease that expired on June 30. As we read, he is not against authentication, on the other hand he has not lived in the apartment for months, the one squatting is Ambra. ”

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Chaos rented a house, Silvia Celiti vs. Ambra Angiolini: ‘I didn’t want it to end like this’

Max Allegri’s involvement

The disputed house, located in the Moskova region, Rented by Max AllegerMe: The idea was to make it a love nest with Ambra, taking advantage of the fact that, during the Covid pandemic, Pazzini had gone overboard. But the Juventus coach did not set foot in that multi-room apartment: the relationship with Angelini abruptly broke off at the same time as the transfer of Nun è la Rai’s ex-girlfriend, who had left to stay close to her boyfriend Brescia. Today in advance and Daughter Yolanda, whom ex-Francesco Renga gave birth to.

merry on amber: "I'm not talking about my private life"

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Allegri Su Umbra: “I don’t talk about my private life”

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