What does the final text of the amnesty law approved today in Congress say?

The amnesty approved by Congress this Thursday, letter by letter, is fromThe agreement was signed in March After long negotiations between PSOE, ERC and Junts.

The text aims to grant amnesty to all participants in the sovereignty and independence movements Since November 1, 2011when there was still Artur Mas in the State General and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in La Moncloa, Until November 13, 2023.

Thus, it includes both convicts in consultation November 9 For 2014, such as referendumsOctober 1 of 2017, as well as the lifting of the Supreme Court investigations opened by the subsequent riots against the ruling of the process.

What does it cover?

Supporters of the agreement believe that the text covers all legal issues related to the process, The same applies to terrorism From the Democratic Tsunami protests against former President Carles Puigdemont and Marta Rovira.

With this idea, the law refers to the definition of terrorism contained in European regulations, that is: terrorism This is not part of the Spanish Penal Codewhich is much wider.

However, the text excludes cases of terrorism from the amnesty A serious violation of human rightsEspecially the right to life and the prohibition of torture, which is the red line set by the Socialist Workers’ Party in the negotiations.

On the other hand, the wording is quite clear when you look it up Maximum assurance that the law will have immediate effectsDespite attempts by several judges to thwart it.

The law specifies that it must be implemented within the next two months on a “preferential and urgent” basis He must be released immediately Who is in prison and lifts any precautionary measure in force, rendering invalid national, European or international search and arrest warrants, even if the specific judicial proceeding is suspended “for any reason”.

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As for the crimes of high treason, which are those that the judge investigating the case wants to prosecute due to the so-called Russian conspiracy in this process, they are outside the scope of the amnesty, but with a slight difference, which is that Proving the existence of an active and real threat, not just intent.

With regard to embezzlement, and in fulfillment of the recommendations of the Venice Commission, the crime may be pardoned As long as there is no personal enrichment: It must be proven that public money has been allocated to amnesty events such as the 9N consultation and the 1-O referendum.

The new law also allows Refund some fines Which were imposed during protests against the implementation of the gagging law, although those violations considered very serious were excluded.

This is the The text is complete:

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