The fourth campaign of discount vouchers in shops in Tàrrega achieves an economic impact of €237,000

The fourth campaign of discount vouchers in shops in Tàrrega achieves an economic impact of €237,000

The fourth edition of the discount voucher campaign promoted by the Tariga Economic Promotion Office was a great success, achieving numbers similar to those recorded in previous editions. Tarija City Council gives a very positive evaluation of this initiative that encourages local shopping and supports institutions and citizens. The campaign, called “Fira’t a Tàrrega”, was launched between April 15 and May 15 and involved 96 companies as well as the support of the Tàrrega Chamber of Commerce.

On this occasion, the campaign achieved an economic impact on companies in the capital of Urgell amounting to 237 thousand euros. This figure is similar to what was achieved in previous editions (closed with a total impact of 244,000, 259,000 and 231,000 euros respectively).

Consumers spent a total of 9,996 coupons out of 10,000 available in 3,491 purchase transactions. Therefore, among the 50 thousand euros of discount vouchers, worth 5 euros each, which the Council made available to citizens through the portal, up to 49,980 euros were spent.

In fact, in the early days of the campaign, most of the bonds were downloaded, but the fact that they had a one-week expiration date meant that some of these expired bonds were renewed and made available again to the user. This system prevents the download of unused coupons.

“The numbers once again show the good reception of this campaign in Tariga. It was noted that customers and institutions were waiting for it, which is why many vouchers were downloaded at the beginning of the campaign,” said Economic Promotion Advisor Nuria Robert.

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As for the commercial establishments joining the initiative, most of them celebrate the results obtained. By sector, once again, fashion stores were consumers’ favorites for spending their vouchers, followed by small food establishments and hairdressing and beauty establishments. Sports, footwear and electronics are also the enterprises where most goods are consumed. It is worth noting that during the first week a total of 7,407 vouchers were redeemed, and Saturday, April 20 was the day when the largest number of buyers used them, with a total of 1,607 vouchers.

Agreement with the Tarija Chamber of Commerce and Industry

It must be remembered that all versions of this initiative, pioneered in the regions of Lleida, have been made possible thanks to an agreement signed between the city council and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tarija, responsible for managing payments to member companies of the initiative.

In the last edition there were 96 establishments, including clothing and shoe stores, optics, electronics and home appliances, sports equipment, jewelry, home furnishings and decoration, bookstores and stationery, hairdressers and beauty salons, restaurants, cinema, hardware stores, photography or food. At the same time, all people who made their purchases in the capital of Urgell (whether registered in the city or not) and who had previously registered on the site were able to enjoy the coupons.

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