The neighbors left in the rundown Esplugues building

El Barco, the ruined building of the Esplugues de Llobregat, indeed It has been left blank. The last two neighbors who were reluctant to leave their home, Juanma and his mother, gathered their belongings and He left his home permanently Voluntarily, of your own free will.

This Wednesday, Sarai, her daughter and her sister-in-law also decided to leave, after the city council offered them to move to a hotel in Cornella, initially until April 18.

after that The court Administrative dispute 4 for Barcelona Authorizes evacuation This Wednesday, facing the threat of building collapse, residents who remained inside the building finally decided to leave their homes.

“Judge's permission”Entry of members of the public order forces“In the event that it is necessary to evacuate the people who refused to leave, in implementation of the mayor’s decision issued last Monday, which ordered the immediate evacuation of the building.

It should have been entered During daylight hours during the three-day period of notification of the decision, as stated in the preliminary order.

Apart from this, the text also urged “guaranteeing of lending.”Social assistance for building occupants who may find themselves in a particularly vulnerable position.”

The council noted that cameras and sensors connected to the police are being installed 24 hours a day to protect the building once it is vacant.

As of this Tuesday, City Council It will start to support the property Once insured, for the period they estimate 10 like 15 thisNeighbors can Finish collecting belongings Before he was overthrown.

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Temporary resettlement

A total of 38 registered families, or more than 110 people, live in the building. 13 of them were taken to the homes of relatives and friends and 22 to hotelsas reported this Wednesday by the first lieutenant of the mayor of Esplugues de Llobregat and urban planning advisor Edouard Sanz.

On this third night no family had to stay download Barcelona Emergency and Social Emergencies Centre. Two families have already entered Apartments for Rent In Esplugues de Llobregat, a third will do so today.

The city council rehoused a family in a rented apartment and 14 other families in hotels and hotel apartments (ACN/Gemma Sánchez)

Regarding rental housing, the council confirmed that this had been done Working on getting 11 more Available, and although the city council will bear the cost for two or three months, Sanz noted that “in some cases it could be the final version.”

“It is possible that families residing there will be able to stay in these homes in the future by concluding a formal lease.”

City Council builds A group of apartments with official protection, Which will go to a large portion of these families; But the matter will not end for a year and a half from now, and for this reason, they are working on finding emergency solutions that adapt to each situation.

Support 300 neighbors

During the afternoon of Wednesday, approximately 300 Esplugues went Demonstrating against “illegal eviction” The building and demanded “solutions” for the 38 affected families.

In the march that began in front of the municipal building and ended in front of the evacuated building, Residents denounced the council's “disastrous management.”Those accused of leaving their families “on the street” holding signs such as “This is not a ruin, this is our home.”

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About 300 residents protest the evacuation of the Esplugues building at risk of falling (EP/Lorena Sopena)

“We do not consider the building to be in imminent danger of collapse,” said Mayte Rubio, a neighbor of the building, who was saddened by the sight. “They are scaring us.” He was forced to leave the house where four generations of the family lived And where she has always been.

In the same context, Marta Perez, another tenant of the building, expressed her regret.“Lack of humanity” of the Council He expressed his disbelief in his explanations.

“We no longer believe anything the city council says. We demand clarity and transparency, that he stop lying, that he engage with people, and that he allow a second independent study.”

Conflict between the city council and the public

Edward Sanz repeated this Wednesday Request help from Generalitat To rehouse the residents of the building, she expressed her regret that after three days no one from the government had contacted them to inquire about the situation of those affected.

“We do not want conflicts, but in such cases, institutions must cooperate. The cost of temporarily rehousing 22 out of 38 families is borne by the city council.”

In light of these words, the Ministry of the Region published a statement He called Sanz's claims “false.”She recalled that last Friday, before the demolition decree was issued, the Housing Corporation “offered them all available possibilities.”

They also remember that the block is owned by the municipality Responsibility of the city council Since he confiscated it a year ago because it was built on a declared green area. The state states that since the council took possession of the building, it has never reached out to the state to discuss the housing needs of the families occupying it.

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Regional Minister Esther Capilla noted that it was “always available to city councils,” but Esplugues Mayor Pilar Díaz responded by reiterating that With the help of different departments Public in case of emergency “unavailable.”

“The state cannot abandon its duties during an election period.”

The union demands “stable transfer operations”

The affected families turned to the Grievances Committee to demand that the right to housing be guaranteed, and Esther Jimenez Salinas published a statement this Wednesday in which she asked the mayor of Esplugues and Generalitat to “Stable and local rehousing“For the expelled population.

Jimenez-Salinas also requested emergency housing Ensuring existing coexistence cores They are in stable condition until the new homes are finally allocated.

In addition, remember the guardian as well From the technical report Which led to the building being declared at risk of collapse and the tenants being forcibly evicted Neighbors' rights cannot be modified Obtaining a new home to replace the existing home “as a result of the expropriation process.”

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